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   The pictures you see in E-shop are photographs taken from finished silk embroidery works. To save your loading time and the space of our website, these photos are compressed and resized. If you would like to have a full sized photo with high resolution to check the quality and details of the embroidery work, please feel free to send us an enquiry with the code number. If you do not find a silk embroidery you like, please go to our products catalogue that has 5,000+ pictures for you to choose from.

   To make it easier and safer to deliver the embroidery to you, the embroidery you receive has been stretched and is mounted onto a fabric. It is rolled up in a carton box when we send it to you. It is very easy to have the mounted embroidery framed in your local city, the same as to frame an oil painting. 

   We put the in-stock silk embroideries into two groups based on their quality grades, fine quality silk embroidery and top quality silk embroidery. For an introduction of embroidery quality system of SES, please refer to the article at Quality Introduction of Su Embroidery


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