Lion in Snow Storm

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Embroidery Code Number / SESTQ0010
Embroidery Subject / Embroidery Animal
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Top Quality
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Embroidery Size / 50 x 50 cm or 20 x 20 inches
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Silver Hallmark
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This Chinese silk embroidery features a majestic lion with a richly colored mane against a mystical backdrop. The central focus of the silk embroidery artwork is the lion’s face, which is intricately hand embroidered to capture every detail. The lion’s eyes are expressive, and its fur is depicted in various shades of brown, black, and white silk threads to create a realistic texture. The mane is full and lush, extending outwards to frame the lion’s face beautifully. A mystical teal background surrounds the lion, adorned with white snowflakes to add an ethereal touch. The embroidery artists have skillfully used different shades of thread to create depth and dimension in both the lion and the background. Every strand of fur and feature on the lion’s face is meticulously crafted to bring this majestic creature to life on silk fabric.

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This hand-embroidered silk art piece, hailing from the skilled embroidery artists of Suzhou, China, is a collectible silk art that captures the regal essence of a lion against a mystical backdrop.

At the heart of the silk embroidery artwork is the majestic lion, its face intricately hand embroidered to perfection. The lion's expressive eyes draw you into its gaze, while the richly colored mane, crafted with various shades of brown, black, and white silk threads, showcases the artist's mastery in creating a lifelike texture. The mane flows gracefully, framing the lion's face with a sense of regality and strength.

Against a mystical teal background, the lion stands as a symbol of power and nobility. The background, adorned with white snowflakes, adds an ethereal touch, creating a sense of magic and wonder. The skilled use of different shades of thread contributes to the depth and dimensionality of both the lion and its celestial surroundings.

In various cultures, the lion holds diverse symbolism. Often regarded as a symbol of strength, courage, and majesty, the lion is found in various mythologies and religions worldwide. In Chinese culture, lions are associated with power, protection, and good fortune, often depicted as guardians of sacred spaces.

This silk embroidery painting not only showcases the incredible hand embroidery skill of Suzhou embroidery artists but also serves as a captivating representation of cultural symbolism, bringing the noble lion to life on fabric with meticulous detail and artistry. A true collectible, this piece seamlessly combines craftsmanship, cultural richness, and artistic excellence.

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