Preserve the Ancient Chinese Embroidery Art by Creating the Best Hand Embroidery with Silk Threads

Suzhou embroidery, Su embroidery for short, is hand embroidery work embroidered with mulberry silk threads on silk satin by embroidery artists around the city of Suzhou, China. It is the most representative type of art in Chinese embroidery. With a history of more than 2,500 years, Su embroidery is widely acknowledged as the most exquisite Chinese hand embroidery. 

Su Embroidery Studio (SES) was founded in Suzhou in 2004. Specializing in Su embroidery, we are dedicated to preserving the ancient Chinese silk embroidery art by creating the finest silk hand embroidery and aim to be a premier provider of Chinese hand embroidery. We focus on creating collectible Chinese silk embroidery paintings and providing high-end custom embroidery services, catering to customers seeking Chinese hand embroidery, including custom portrait embroideries from photos and custom silk embroidered fabrics for fashion designers.

We only make and sell high quality silk embroideries and every silk embroidery we sell is 100% hand embroidered by highly skilled Chinese embroidery artists, under the supervision from national award-winning embroidery artists in our studio. 

In the 20 years since our establishment, we have been spreading the beauty of Chinese silk embroidery worldwide and garnered international recognition for our unparalleled craftsmanship of silk embroidery by selling our silk embroideries to more than 60 countries.

Learn more about Su Embroidery Studio or watch the About Us Video below. 

Custom Silk Embroidery

custom hand embroidery services from Suzhou China


Besides collectible silk embroidery paintings that are comparable to oil paintings in colors, our specialty also lies in crafting custom made silk embroideries that capture the minutest details of your portraits, family moments and beloved pets. This art of hyper-realistic silk embroidery requires the highest silk hand embroidery skills and represent the pinnacle of Chinese silk embroidery. Should you desire a personalized silk embroidery for your photo, we welcome you to share your image with us. For inquiries and further details, please see our custom embroidery services.

About Us Video

Embark on a visual journey beginning with a 50-second scenic introduction to Suzhou, the hometown of Chinese silk embroidery art. Followed by an immersive 5-minute exploration, the video unfolds how we make silk embroidery, showcases our significant silk embroideries, and takes you through enchanting silk embroidery art exhibitions. Don't miss this captivating look into the heart of Chinese embroidery tradition.

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April 7 2024

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