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Suzhou embroidery, Su embroidery for short, is 100% handmade embroidery embroidered with pure fine silk threads on silk satin by embroidery artists in Suzhou China. It is one of the four major styles of Chinese embroidery. With a history of more than 2,500 years, Chinese Suzhou embroidery is widely acknowledged as the most exquisite silk hand embroidery in the world. 

We are Su Embroidery Studio in Suzhou China, the hometown of Su embroidery. We make and sell silk embroidery artworks, including silk embroidered pictures (or 'needle painting', 'thread painting', 'embroidery painting') and double-sided silk embroideries

We only make and sell high quality silk embroideries and every embroidery artwork we sell is 100% hand embroidered by highly skilled embroidery artists, under the supervision from Weifang Pu, a national award-winning master embroidery artist in our studio. 

Please enjoy your shopping on our website. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us or live chat online

Chunhua Mao
founder and owner of
Su Embroidery Studio (SES)


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Wine Connoisseurs' Club (Beijing & Hong Kong)St. Mark's Anglican Church, Ontario Canada
Qatar 2022 World Cup Bid, Qatar 

Museum of Islamic Arts, Qatar
JELCO PTE Ltd, Singapore
Carbon Chemistry of Diamonds, Australia
Best Embroidery Co., NY USA
S.H. Truax & Co., CA USA
Lynton and Jenny Enever
111 Clarke Street  Howlong NSW 2643, Australia
Tel: 0260-268-007

Herbert Hunter
8208 River Road St. Augustine, FL 32092, USA
Tel: 904-347-7092

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When you buy from Su Embroidery Studio (SES)

1. You're buying silk embroidery directly from a producer in the embroidery hometown, Suzhou, China.
2. 100% silk and hand embroidery guaranteed. We only make and sell high quality silk embroideries.
3. The most competitive pricing online,
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8. Our return customers and our distributors are a testimonial to our success.

Are you concerned about ordering for the first time from our website?

Please don’t be.

Since 2004, we have sold our silk embroideries to more than 30 countries and have many return customers who have been more than happy with the quality and value for money of our embroideries and the integrity of our service.

To assure you of the high quality of our silk embroideries and integrity of our studio, we hope you will take your time to see some recommendations of our silk embroideries from real customers on a third-party website LinkedIn, the world's largest professional network. Below are just some recommendations we extracted. Click here to view recommendations of our silk embroideries on LinkedIn. You can contact these customers to check our business reputation by clicking their names.

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