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Embroidery Code Number / SESMP0003
Embroidery Subject / Embroidery Animal
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Embroidery Size / 50 x 30 cm or 20 x 12 inches
Shipping / Free Worldwide
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Gold Hallmark
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This Chinese silk embroidery masterpiece depicts a heartwarming scene of two pandas, a grown panda, and an adorable cub. The hand embroidered masterpiece unfolds in a lush bamboo forest where the pandas rest on the grass. Their fur, brought to life with delicate silk threads, beckons you to feel its softness and warmth. Amidst scattered bamboo shoots, the scene is a snapshot of their natural habitat, adding a touch of authenticity. The atmosphere radiates affection, with the elder panda showcasing pride and happiness while the cub snuggles comfortably in a loving embrace.

Every stitch tells a story, capturing not just the pandas' appearance but the emotions that define their connection. This silk embroidery is more than art; it's a sensory journey into the world of these beloved creatures. Immerse yourself in the tenderness and familial love portrayed in every finely embroidered detail, a timeless celebration of nature's wonders.

Su Embroidery Studio only make and sell high quality hand embroidered silk art. We hope the two articles below will help you pick authentic Chinese silk embroidery of high quality in the vast online marketplace. 

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Our Masterpiece silk embroidery paintings are the the highest quality silk embroidery we make and the best in China.

Dive into the heartwarming world of this silk embroidery masterpiece that beautifully captures the essence of panda life. In this enchanting scene, an adult panda and its endearing cub lie gracefully on a bed of grass, forging a close bond that is both tender and reassuring.

The contrasting black and white fur of the pandas is brought to life with a remarkable finesse of silk threads, each stitch contributing to the lifelike texture. The surrounding bamboo forest provides a natural setting, with scattered bamboo shoots on the ground indicating the pandas' playful interaction with their environment.

As you gaze upon this silk embroidery painting, the atmosphere emanates an overwhelming sense of warmth and affection. The meticulously hand embroidered fur, created with such precision, invites a tactile connection—so soft and realistic that one might be tempted to reach out and touch. The adult panda, with a proud and content expression, radiates the joy of motherhood, while the cub revels in the security of its mother's embrace.

This silk embroidery not only captures a moment in the lives of these iconic creatures but also conveys a narrative of familial love and the pure bliss of maternal care. The delicate artistry of the silk threads transforms the visual experience into a sensory one, allowing you to feel the softness of fur and the palpable tenderness between parent and cub. An exquisite addition to any collection, this silk embroidery artwork is an invitation to immerse yourself in the gentle embrace of panda affection brought to life through the artistry of hand embroidered silk threads.

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