Horse with Flowing Mane

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Embroidery Code Number / SESTQ0003
Embroidery Subject / Embroidery Animal
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Embroidery Size / 48 x 36 cm or 19 x 14 inches
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This collectible Chinese silk embroidery depicts a close-up portrayal of a horse, focusing on its head and mane. The silk embroidery captures the gleam in the horse’s eye, giving it a lifelike appearance. The horse has a rich brown coat with lighter, almost golden, mane flowing elegantly hand embroidered with short stitches. The stitches are meticulous, showcasing various shades to create depth and dimensionality in the embroidered horse. The background is abstract with dark and light hues intermingling, creating an ethereal glow that highlights the horse. The use of silk threads gives the embroidery artwork a unique texture and visual appeal, and the intricate stitches create detailed features and textures, capturing the essence of the horse.

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This collectible Chinese silk embroidery painting skillfully portrays the majestic beauty of a horse, capturing a close-up view that accentuates its graceful features. The gleam in the horse's eye is meticulously hand embroidered, infusing the artwork with a lifelike quality that engages the viewer. The rich brown coat of the horse is complemented by a lighter, almost golden, flowing mane, each thread contributing to the overall elegance of the composition.

The stitches in this silk embroidery painting are executed with precision, incorporating various shades to evoke depth and dimensionality in the portrayal. The background, characterized by abstract intermingling of dark and light hues, creates an ethereal glow that not only enhances the visual appeal of the horse but also adds a touch of mystery to the embroidered artwork.

Silk embroidery painting, also known as needle painting or silk shading, is a unique art form that demands a high level of skill and precision to master. The use of silk threads imparts a distinctive texture and visual allure to the artwork, while the intricate stitches breathe life into the subject matter, capturing its essence with remarkable detail.

In Chinese culture, the horse symbolizes the pursuit of freedom. Horses hold a significant place in various cultures worldwide, often representing strength, power, and endurance. In China, the horse is also associated with overcoming obstacles and achieving success. This symbolic significance adds layers of meaning to the depiction of a horse in this collectible silk embroidery painting, making it not only a visually captivating piece but also one that carries cultural and symbolic resonance.

Silk embroidery paintings are sought after for their decorative appeal and can be found adorning spaces such as homes, offices, and galleries. Due to their unique beauty and intricate details, these artworks are also popular choices as gifts, showcasing the recipient's appreciation for artistry and cultural symbolism.

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