The Drunken Beauty

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Embroidery Subject / Embroidery Portrait
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Embroidery Size / 60 x 50 cm or 24 x 20 inches
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This silk embroidery painting, reproduced from an oil painting, showcases a vibrant and dynamic scene, characterized by a blend of vivid colors and intricate detailing. The embroidered silk artwork captures the essence of a dancer adorned in an elaborate Peking Opera costume. The opera dancer played as Yang Guifei, a concubine of emperor Li Longji (Tang Xuanzong) in the Tang Dynasty. The background is filled with swirling colors that seem to radiate outwards from the central figure. Rich textures are visible due to the intricate stitches used to create detailed patterns and designs. A mix of warm and cool tones creates a visually striking contrast throughout the embroidery artwork. The silk art is fully hand embroidered, including the background. 

It is all hand embroidered with fine silk threads by embroidery artists from Su Embroidery Studio in Suzhou, China.

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In this captivating silk embroidery painting, a vibrant and dynamic scene unfolds, depicting Yang Guifei, the illustrious concubine of Emperor Li Longji during the Tang Dynasty. The embroidery artwork captures the poignant moment when Yang Guifei, having learned that the emperor plans to visit other concubines, expresses her emotions through a mesmerizing dance after getting drunken. This historical event is renowned and has been adapted into one of the most popular plays in Peking Opera.

Yang Guifei, known for her beauty and grace, is portrayed in the silk embroidery with exquisite detail, showcasing her elaborate costume and capturing the essence of her emotions during the dance. The serene yet expressive depiction of her face conveys the complex emotions she experienced upon learning of the emperor's intentions.

Emperor Li Longji, a significant figure in Chinese history, adds historical depth to the composition. His decision to visit other concubines, leading to Yang Guifei's poignant dance, reflects the intricate dynamics of the imperial court during the Tang Dynasty.

The background of the silk embroidered painting, filled with swirling colors radiating from the central figure, symbolizes the emotional turbulence and energy of this historical moment. Meticulous stitches create rich textures, enhancing the detailed patterns and designs on Yang Guifei's attire.

This silk embroidery not only captures the artistic beauty of traditional dance but also serves as a visual narrative of a historical episode, offering viewers a glimpse into the fascinating stories of Yang Guifei and Emperor Li Longji during the Tang Dynasty.

It is one of the bestselling silk embroideries. Here are two photos of the framed silk embroidery The Drunken Beauty our kind customers shared with us after framing. 


Lin Asian Bar, Austin TX, US, has a very good collection of silk embroideries from Su Embroidery Studio. This Drunken Beauty silk embroidery is one of their collection. Visit Lin Asian Bar at 1203 W 6th St, Austin, TX, if you are interested in seeing their collection which has some Masterpiece silk embroideries definitely worth seeing. 

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