Su Embroidery Studio Seeking Business Cooperation

Are you a gallery, boutique or any business owner with a passion for exceptional craftsmanship? Su Embroidery Studio looks forward to a partnership with you, a mutually-beneficial relationship that will elevate your space with the timeless beauty of Chinese silk embroidery.

Based in Suzhou China, Su Embroidery Studio is dedicated to preserving and promoting the ancient art of silk embroidery through creating the finest silk embroideries for art lovers worldwide. 

While the allure of our silk embroideries is undeniable, we believe that seeing the silk embroidery paintings in person is the most effective way to appreciate the beauty of the silk art. Photos online, though exquisite, often fail to convey the intricate details and vibrant colors that our silk embroideries represent. This is why we're seeking partners who can help us showcase our silk embroideries in their space. 

We're open to collaborating on special exhibitions and events tailored to your space and clients. Together, we can create memorable experiences that celebrate the beauty of silk embroidery.

Cooperating with Su Embroidery Studio is an opportunity to infuse your space with the allure of Chinese silk embroidery. It's a chance to bring your customers and visitors to the world of Chinese silk embroidery art.  

Contact Us today. Let's embark on a journey to build a space that tells stories through the paintings with silk threads.