Black Horse

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Embroidery Code Number / SESMP0001
Embroidery Subject / Embroidery Animal
Embroidery Quality /
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Embroidery Size / 48 x 36 cm or 19 x 14 inches
Shipping / Free Worldwide
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Gold Hallmark
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This exquisite Chinese silk embroidery masterpiece skillfully portrays a dark-colored horse in the midst of a powerful gallop, set against a meticulously hand embroidered backdrop adorned with criss-cross stitches. The silk embroidery artwork captures the essence of the horse's strength and grace through meticulous detailing.

The dark-colored horse is dynamically depicted in mid-gallop, with its hooves elegantly suspended above the ground, conveying a palpable sense of motion and energy. The intricately hand embroidered mane and tail gracefully flow, contributing to the dynamic and lifelike nature of the image.

The backdrop, created with a skillful use of criss-cross stitches, provides a textured appearance that contrasts with the smooth depiction of the horse's coat. This contrast adds depth and dimension to the composition, creating a visually captivating interplay between the subject and its surroundings.

Notably, the emphasis on lighting techniques within the embroidery brings forth a heightened realism. The play of light highlights the contours of the horse's muscles, accentuating its physical strength and adding a layer of three-dimensionality to the artwork. This careful attention to lighting adds a level of sophistication to the overall composition, enhancing the viewer's appreciation of the horse's anatomical details.

In essence, this Chinese silk embroidery is a masterful fusion of artistic skill and technical precision. The dynamic depiction of the galloping horse, coupled with the textured backdrop and nuanced lighting, results in a captivating piece that not only celebrates the beauty of the horse but also showcases the embroidery artist's ability to breathe life into the fabric through the delicate medium of silk threads.

Su Embroidery Studio only make and sell high quality hand embroidered silk art. We hope the two articles below will help you pick authentic Chinese silk embroidery of high quality in the vast online marketplace. 

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Our Masterpiece silk embroidery paintings are the the highest quality silk embroidery we make and the best in China.

Step into the world of artistic finesse with this exceptional collectible featuring a dark-colored horse mid-gallop, a true marvel crafted through the delicate artistry of needlework. This piece goes beyond a mere portrayal; it's an immersive experience into the craftsmanship of the Su Embroidery tradition.

Your gaze is drawn to the minute details that unfold as you explore the horse's form—the sinewy muscles and flowing mane come alive with each carefully placed silk thread. The deep, velvety hues of the horse's coat are not just a visual feast but an intricate dance of shadows and highlights, inviting you to feel the texture through the artful stitches.

The horse, suspended in a moment of gallop, captivates with its dynamic energy. The flowing mane and tail, captured in silk threads, add a touch of animation, a testament to the artistry invested in every stitch. The backdrop, textured and deliberate, provides not just a setting but a canvas showcasing the versatility of Su Embroidery, creating a balanced interplay with the horse's form.

Each stitch is a brushstroke, and the canvas becomes a narrative brought to life through the needle and silk threads. The play of light on the horse's muscles isn't a visual illusion but a nuanced mastery of shading techniques, creating a sense of depth with the finest silk threads.

As you engage with this collectible, the cultural resonance of horses becomes more than a depicted scene; it is woven into the fabric of the artwork. The significance of the horse in various traditions is subtly embroidered, inviting contemplation beyond the visual appeal.

In essence, this silk embroidery piece is not just a collectible; it's a masterpiece that transcends the constraints of time and tradition. It speaks of a cultural heritage, a celebration of strength and grace, skillfully narrated through the artistry of silk hand embroidery in China. Each thread is a storyteller, and this artwork, a testament to the enduring spirit of needlework.

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