4 Criteria Help You Pick a High Quality Chinese Silk Embroidery

Most of Chinese people will take some unique items to Chinese culture with them when they go abroad. They give these unique items to their foreign friends as gifts. Chinese silk embroidery paintings are often among these unique items that most Chinese people will think about. This kind of practice makes Chinese silk art known in a foreign country. But unfortunately, most of the silk embroidery paintings sent as gifts are not of high quality. They mislead the receivers to think that all Chinese silk embroideries are about the same as the one they receive. Su Embroidery Studio started to offer free appraisal of the value of Chinese silk embroideries in 2010. Since then, we have many received many inquiries from many silk embroidery owners around the world about the value of their silk embroideries. We found that 9 out of 10 silk embroideries that we were asked to appraise their value are of low quality. Some embroidery paintings are even not hand embroidered with real silk threads but machine made with artificial fibers. It’s very clear that for most people who have no embroidery experience or have never seen any high quality Chinese silk embroideries before, it’s very hard for them to understand what the criteria for good quality Chinese silk embroidery are.

I now list some very simple and clear criteria for judging the quality of a Chinese silk embroidery work as below. Hope they will help Chinese silk art lovers gain some rudimentary knowledge about Chinese silk embroidery and pick a better silk embroidery painting when purchasing silk embroideries.
1)  Fineness and Thinness. A high quality silk embroidery is hand embroidered with very thin silk threads. The embroidery artists split one full silk strand into many thinner silk threads.
2)    Flatness and Neatness. Because a high quality silk embroidery is hand embroidered with very thin silk threads, the surface of the embroidery work is very flat and neat.
3)    Exquisiteness and Denseness. In China, there are many other forms of silk embroideries besides Su embroidery. The reason why Su embroidery stands out from other forms of Chinese silk embroideries is mainly because of the exquisiteness of Su embroidery. Denseness refers to the layers of the embroidery work. A master piece silk embroidery painting has many layers of embroidery work.
4)  Lustre and Harmony. Real mulberry silk threads are shiny and brilliant. Silk embroideries hand embroidered with natural silk threads have luster that the machine made embroideries do not have.
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