chinese silk embroidery painting Vimalakirti Preaching Doctrineschinese silk embroidery painting Vimalakirti Preaching Doctrines

Silk Embroidery Appraisal

Since the beginning of our free embroidery appraisal service in 2011, we have assisted numerous silk embroidery owners in determining whether their embroidery is handcrafted or machine made and evaluating the value of their treasured pieces.

Starting from January 2024 when we updated our website, while we continue to provide this valuable service at no cost, we kindly request embroidery owners seeking appraisals to make a charitable contribution of US$30 or more to support the cause of safeguarding the endangered snow leopard through the Snow Leopard Trust. Your generosity will contribute to the preservation of these magnificent creatures.

To initiate the appraisal process, please reach out to us by sending photographs of your embroidery work along with its dimensions via email. Once we find we can help you identify and evaluate your embroidery work, we will request you to make the donation. We will give you the appraisal report after seeing the receipt of your donation (a screen shot will do). 

Donate to Snow Leopard Trust

Thank you for your understanding and generosity in accepting the donation as one part of the silk embroidery appraisal. 

The snow leopard is a symbol of the ecological balance. It reminds us of the importance of safeguarding our natural world. By supporting the Snow Leopard Trust, we hope to make efforts in our own way to protect these amazing creatures and the ecosystem they inhabit. 

snow leopard silk embroiderysnow leopard silk embroidery
Snow Leopard, Hand Embroidered with Silk Threads by Su Embroidery Studio

Like the endangered snow leopard, the ancient art of Chinese silk embroidery is also at risk of fading away. The practice of hand embroidery in Suzhou is facing challenges in the modern era primarily due to a decline in the number of young people who are willing to learn. Silk embroidery is intricate and time-consuming work that requires great patience which many young people lack now. By requesting a donation, we aim to raise awareness in preserving and revitalizing this ancient art form. Your donation not only supports the conservation of the snow leopard but also helps sustain the tradition of Chinese silk embroidery to let it continue to flourish for generations to come.

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