chinese silk embroidery painting Vimalakirti Preaching Doctrineschinese silk embroidery painting Vimalakirti Preaching Doctrines

Certificate of Authenticity

Introduction to Certificate of Authenticity

At Su Embroidery Studio, we take pride in the uniqueness and authenticity of every silk embroidery we create. Our dedication to the art of hand embroidery ensures that no embroidery work we sell is machine embroidered. At the same time, we never forget our commitment to preserving the ancient Chinese embroidery art through creating the best Chinese silk embroidery pictures for our customers. To protect our brand image in a market full of low quality silk embroidery work and even machine embroidery, and also to enhance your confidence in our silk embroidery paintings, we are proud to introduce our Certificate of Authenticity. 

From 2024, every silk embroidery painting you purchase from Su Embroidery Studio comes with a Certificate of Authenticity which bears a unique Serial Number. This serial number is your key to verifying the authenticity of the silk embroidery art

Certificate with Hallmark in Three Different Colors

Based on the quality of Chinese silk embroidery, we have Fine Quality, Top Quality and Masterpiece to indicate the three levels of quality. Every embroidery painting (created after 2014) has a hallmark which is also hand embroidered with silk threads in its right or left down corner. The color of the hallmark stands for the quality of the silk embroidery, namely RED hallmark for Fine Quality, SILVER hallmark for Top Quality and GOLD for Masterpiece. On the Certificate of Authenticity, we also use the different color of the hallmark to indicate the different quality level. 

Here are the examples of the silk embroidery ‘White Tiger’ with embroidered hallmark and its certificate. You can see that the embroidered hallmark in the right down corner of the silk embroidery and the hallmark on its certificate are in the same GOLD color which refers to the embroidery quality Masterpiece.

Silk Embroidery Painting ‘White Tiger’
Silk Embroidery Painting ‘White Tiger’

In the same way,

For a Fine Quality silk embroidery, the color of both embroidered hallmark and hallmark on the Certificate of Authenticity is RED.

For a Top Quality silk embroidery, the color of both embroidered hallmark and hallmark on the Certificate of Authenticity is SILVER. 

How to Verify Your Su Embroidery

Verifying your Su embroidery is a simple. You can enter the Serial Number found on your Certificate of Authenticity at the page Authenticity Identification to verify in a second. 

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