Suzhou Embroidery Uses Split Silk Threads

The embroidery silk thread in Suzhou is made of several strands of different cocoon silks twisted together. Therefore, it can be split into individual strands to be used for silk thread. An embroidery master can split one full silk thread into 64 strands. The firers of the colored thread are fine, transparent and soft. This makes the embroideries flat and well-balanced.

split silk thread

Suzhou embroidery needs a painting sample to base the stitching on. A piece of embroidery is a combination of work and art. The embroidery artist must first make an artistic analysis of the design. Different embroidery stitches and colors are required for different designs in order to produce artistic recreations. Young embroidery ladies depend on the senior embroidery artists to teach them, and they learn by constant practice. When learning embroidery with their mothers and sisters, they first learn to choose the appropriate colors and threads, split silk into strands which is a very skill to embroider high quality silk embroidery, and coordinate their hand movements in doing the stitches. Then they work independently on their own embroidery frames, and ask for advice or discuss their problems with others.

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