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Frequently Asked Questions

- How to buy the embroidery?
- How can I be assured of a safe purchase from SES?
- Are these embroideries handmade?
- How long will it take to receive the embroidery after I place the order?
- How to custom make an embroidery?
- How do you accept payment?
- How do you ship the embroidery?
- Can I track my order? 
- How to protect the embroideries?
- Do you offer framing?
- Do you offer discounts?
- Do you have a refund policy?
- Where can I see your silk embroideries?
- Others?


How to buy the embroidery

a) ready-made silk embroideries in E-shop

Find the embroidery you like in E-shop. Fill in the form below the embroidery and submit. We will contact you to confirm your order. We will email you an invoice of your order and details on how to proceed after getting your confirmation. 

b) silk embroideries we make after your order in Products

Fine the embroidery you like in the embroidery catalogue in Products. Fill in the form and then submit. We will email you the prices of the embroidery based on different sizes, lead time, and details on how to proceed. We will start making the embroidery for you after receiving 30% down payment and email you photos of the embroidery for you to check after it is finished. The remaining payment is due before delivery of the embroidery. See How We Process Your Order.


How can I be assured of a safe purchase from SES?

We promise it is 100% safe and secure to purchase silk embroideries from us. We've been selling high quality silk embroideries online since 2004 and have sold to more than 30 countries with many return customers come back to us every year. For details, please refer to Why Buy Silk Embroideries From Us.


Are these embroideries handmade?

Our silk embroideries are 100% silk and 100% hand embroidered by master embroidery artists in Suzhou China. We only make and sell high quality handmade silk embroideries. We NEVER make or sell low quality embroideries or machine-made embroideries. For details, please see our Hand Embroidery Guarantee Statement.


How long will it take to receive the embroidery after I place the order?

For most of the in-stock embroideries in E-shop, it takes 4 to 5 working days to receive your order after your payment, while some may take a bit longer time, 10 to 15 working days, because we need some time to get them back from our distributors if the embroideries are not in our city Suzhou where we send all the embroideries out. For the embroidery to be made, we will email you its estimated production time based on the size you choose after receiving your inquiry. 


How to custom make an embroidery

If you do not find an embroidery you like in the embroidery catalogue, please just send us your own picture at custom embroidery. We can make silk embroideries from any pictures you provide. We will give you the price quote and lead time after viewing your image.


How do you receive payment?

We receive payment through PayPal, credit card, WesternUnion and Bank Transfer

a) PayPal

You can pay by PayPal if you have a PayPal account. Our verified PayPal account  

b) Debit / Credit Cards

All major debit / credit cards are accepted via PayPal. You can pay with your debit or credit card without registering with PayPal

) Bank Transfer

Beneficiary: Chunhua Mao
Address: 4E, Building #49, MeiZhiGuo, Suzhou,China 
A/C No.: 519652557125
Bank Name: Bank of China, Suzhou Branch
Bank Address: Nanyuan Road, Suzhou, Jiangsu, China
Swift Code:  BKCHCNBJ95B

d) WesternUnion  

Recipient: Surong Ye
First Name: Surong 
Last Name: Ye
Street:               4E, Building #49, MeiZhiGuo
City: Suzhou
Province: Jiangsu
Country: China
Zip Code: 215128
Telephone: 86 512 58871762


How do you ship the embroidery?

We deliver our silk embroideries worldwide by courier, TNT, DHL, UPS etc. It takes 3 to 4 working days to get to your address. Shipping is FREE for all orders worldwide.


Can I track my order?

Once your order is shipped, we will email you the tracking information.


How to protect the embroideries?

We recommend you have your embroidery framed soon after receiving. Please install a piece of glass to protect the embroidery from dust. Please do not touch the silk embroidery work by hands. Keep it from moisture and sunlight.


Do you offer framing?

Normally we sell silk embroideries without framing. However we can frame the embroidery for you here if you would like to purchase the framed embroidery, but you need to pay the additional cost of framing and shipping of the added weight. Besides we will take off the glass when we send you the framed embroidery just in case the broken glass damages the embroidery during shipping.


Do you offer discounts?

Sorry. We do not offer any discount. We are selling our silk embroideries directly to final customers. To keep our retail pricing competitive, the price on our website is already much lower than the market price you can find in China.  


Do you have a refund policy?

If your embroidery item is damaged in any way during shipping or you are dissatisfied with your embroidery piece for any reason, you may return the item (in good condition though) within 15 days for a prompt refund or replacement, 100% Money Back Guarantee. (For custom silk embroideries, 30% down payment is not refundable.) 


Where can I see your silk embroideries?

You can find our silk embroideries in Suzhou (very close to Shanghai), Florida US, Oregon US and New South Wales Australia. For details, please see our distributors



Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions not listed here.

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