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Chinese Population III

[ 2005-07-26 23:00:05 pm | Author: Admin ]
Most of the ethnic people are more forthright and simpler than Hans of the east coast. Shanghainese are most famous for their shrewd calculations of every penny but no matter what their characters, if you treat them fair, they will treat you fair. 

China has one official language, Chinese. Written Chinese is the same all over the country but when


Chinese Population II

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China is NOT the China you know from your grandfather or from your school textbook or from the news media surrounding you today. Even CNN hasn't come close yet. You can not dig a hole in your backyard and expect to get to see the Great Wall and a slow boat will take you forever to reach the China shore. Outside the country, China is an illusion created by sensational journalism. ...


Chinese Population I

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Year Total Population Urban Population Rural Population
1995 1.21121 billion
1996 1.22389 billion 359.5 million (29.4%) 864.39 million (70.6%)
1997 1.23626 billion 369.89 million (29.9%) 866.37 million (70.1%)
1998 1.24810 billion

The People's Republic of China is a unified, multi-national ...


Chinese Population

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Brief Introduction

China is the most populous country in the world, with 1.27627 billion people at the end of 2001, one fifth of the world's total. This figure does not include the Chinese living in the Hong Kong and Macao special administrative regions, and Taiwan Province. 

China: Population Density 


Chinese Names

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In China, the first question to start up a conversation between two strangers usually is: May I have your name, please?

How Many Names in China?

The full name of a Han Chinese is composed of two parts: the surname and the given name, while the opposite of the arrangement of names is widely practiced in many other countries outside Asia.



Chinese Children

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Guarantee of Children's Rights and Interests 

The collective creation 
Children's survival, protection and development, which are the basis for improving the quality of the population and the prerequisite conditions for the advance of mankind, directly concern a nation's future and destiny. The Chinese Government, with an earnest and responsible attitude, always