Silk hand embroidery infuses garments with an exquisite elegance, elevating them into unique works of art. At Su Embroidery Studio, we specialize in crafting custom silk embroidery for clothing, offering a personalized hand embroidery service tailored to your specific needs. In this comprehensive guide, we'll address some of the commonly asked questions about our custom embroidery service, providing insight into the process of adding intricate hand embroidery to your garments.


1. Where to Get Custom Embroidered Patterns/Designs on Fabrics?

For those seeking custom hand embroidery for dresses, jackets, blouses, and more, Su Embroidery Studio stands as the premier choice. You can explore our profile About Su Embroidery Studio and contact information Contact Su Embroidery Studio, along with examples of our custom hand embroidery Custom Embroidered Fabrics.

2. How to Get Custom Embroidered Patterns/Designs on Fabrics?

Simply email us your patterns at and designs via Contact Us or submit them online at Send Us Your Desgin. Upon receiving your inquiry, we'll provide you with a price quote. Once you confirm the cost, we'll furnish you with the shipping address for sending us your fabrics and designs. After completing the silk embroidery, we'll promptly return the embroidered fabrics to you.

3.What Fabrics Do You Use for Silk Embroidery?

We specialize in silk hand embroidery but also work with cotton, linen, and velvet fabrics. Explore the variety of fabrics used in Chinese embroidery at Fabrics Used in Chinese Silk Embroidery.

4. How Much Do You Charge for Custom Hand Embroidery on Fabrics?

The cost of silk hand embroidery varies depending on the complexity of your design. We'll provide a price quote after reviewing your design.

5. How Long Will It Take to Complete My Custom Embroidery on the Fabrics I Provide?

Similarly, the lead time for completing your custom silk embroidery depends on the intricacy of your design. We'll provide an estimated timeline upon reviewing your design.

6. Can You Embroider Directly on Clothes?

No, we do not embroider directly on clothes. The fabric must be attached to an embroidery frame for the embroidery process.

7. Can I Provide My Own Design, or Do You Offer Design Assistance?

Yes, we create custom silk embroidery based on your own designs. However, we do not offer design assistance.

8. What Embroidery Techniques Do You Specialize In?

We specialize in silk hand embroidery. Explore examples of our past custom silk embroidery projects at Custom Silk Embroidery for Clothing.

9. Do You Offer Embroidery Services for Specific Types of Garments?

While we offer custom silk embroidery services for all types of garments, we do not embroider directly on ready-made garments. Instead, we embroider your fabrics first, allowing you to use them to create your desired garments.

10. Do You Have Examples of Past Custom Embroidery Projects for Reference?

Our expertise in custom silk embroidery is showcased in our past projects, including our participation in London Fashion Week 2014.

11. Can You Provide Recommendations for the Placement of Embroidery on Garments?

When sending us your fabrics, please mark the areas where custom silk embroidery is desired. Your tailors will then know the precise location of each embroidered pattern on the fabric.

custom embroidered fabric for clothing

Stitches to Mark the Embroidered Areas

12. What Should I Prepare to Order Custom Silk Embroidery for My Fabrics?

Please send us your fabrics with marked areas for custom hand embroidery, along with printed 1:1 designs or patterns.

13. What Are Your Payment Terms for Custom Embroidery Orders?

We require a 50% down payment to begin work on your custom embroidery order, with the remaining balance due upon completion of the embroidery but before shipping. We'll provide photos of the embroidered fabrics for your approval before finalizing the order.


With our expertise in custom silk embroidery, Su Embroidery Studio is dedicated to bringing your unique designs to life, transforming your garments into timeless pieces of artistry. Explore our website to learn more and begin your custom silk embroidery journey today.


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Custom Portrait Embroidery from Photo

Custom Portrait Embroidery from Photo