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   From May 2007, we list here some silk embroideries sorted by category every month so that you can view them more conveniently. Please come back often to check the update.
Suzhou garden embroidery (Mar. 2010) Suzhou garden embroidery picture
Bird embroidery (Feb. 2010)
Koi embroidery (Jan. 2010) embroidery koi
Lion cub & leopard cub embroideries (Dec. 2009) hand embroidered cub picture
Peacock embroidery (Nov. 2009)
Parrot embroidery (Oct. 2009)
Puppy dog embroidery (Sep. 2009)
Sea waves embroidery (Aug. 2009)
Japanese prints embroidery (Jul. 2009)
Bronze Rhino embroidery (Jun. 2009)   
Calla lily embroidery (May 2009)    
Rose embroidery (Apr. 2009)    
Orchid embroidery (Mar. 2009)     silk embroidery 'Orchid'
Ancient bronze ware embroidery (Feb. 2009)    
Buddha embroidery (Jan. 2009)
Chinese emperor dragon robe embroidery (Dec. 2008)
Puppy cat embroidery (Nov. 2008)
The Kiss embroidery (Oct. 2008)
Lingering Melody on the Xunyang River embroidery (Sep. 2008
Pipa Lady embroidery (Aug. 2008)
Leopard  embroidery (July, 2008)
Chinese Vases  embroidery (June, 2008)
Glassware  embroidery (May, 2008)
Horse  embroidery (April, 2008)
Seascape  embroidery (March, 2008)
Eagle & Falcon  embroidery (February, 2008)
Jesus  embroidery (January, 2008)
Tiger  embroidery (December, 2007)
Chinese Dress Embroidery  (November, 2007)
Peking Opera Dancers - The Drunken Beauty embroidery (October, 2007)
Portrait d'une jeune Nord-Africaine embroidery (September, 2007)
Costume de fete embroidery (August, 2007)
Terra Cotta Warriors embroidery (July, 2007)
Bird of Paradise embroidery (June, 2007)
Swan embroidery (May, 2007)


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