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If you are interested in learning sizes,prices and lead times of this silk embroidery, please fill in the form below and submit. You will hear from us in less than 8 working hours. For details on how we process your order, please scroll down and click the tab "How We Process Your Order".

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Choose "Purchase Silk Embroidery" to get readymade silk embroidery for immediate shipping. Choose "Custom Silk Embroidery" for personalized silk embroidery from your own picture.

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How We Process Your Order – A Shopping Guide to Purchase Silk Embroideries at Su Embroidery Studio

How to Purchase / Order

I. Purchase Silk Embroidery - Ready Made Silk Embroidery 

Purchasing our exquisite ready-made silk embroideries is a breeze. Find the silk embroidery you like in the section Purchase Silk Embroidery and add it to the shopping cart. Follow the straightforward step-by-step checkout process, the same as many other online shopping sites. Once your payment is received, we will process your order and prepare the shipping of your silk embroidery. We will ship your order within 3 working days after the receipt of your payment.

II. Order Silk Embroidery - Made to Order Silk Embroidery

Though we have more than 500 ready-made silk embroideries for immediate shipping, there are thousands of artworks that will look stunning in silk embroideries which we are not able to afford to make all. So, when browsing the section Order Silk Embroidery, if you find one you like, please fill in the form on that page and submit. We will contact you immediately telling you prices and sizes of the silk embroidery and the lead times.

We will email you an invoice with all the details of your order and payment information once you have decided which size to go. 

We will start creating the silk embroidery for you after receiving your down payment, 30% of the total payment in advance. While your embroidery is being made, we will keep you updated by emailing you photos as proof to show the embroidery is all hand embroidered. The remaining payment is due after the embroidery is completely finished. After your embroidery is completely finished, we will email you some close-up photos of your embroidery for you to check before we deliver and require the remaining payment.

III. Custom Silk Embroidery - Silk Embroidery from Your Own Artwork

We create custom silk embroidery for your own artworks too. You will hear from us on price quote, payment terms, lead time and delivery  within 8 working hours after your enquiry by Send Us Your Image.  

How to pay?

I. Online Payment Methods

PayPal: If you have a PayPal account, you can easily make your payment through this trusted and secure platform.

Debit/Credit Card via PayPal: Don't have a PayPal account? No problem! You can still use your debit or credit card for payment via PayPal's user-friendly interface.

PayPal and main credit / debit cards acceptedPayPal and main credit / debit cards accepted

II. Offline Payment Method for Large Orders

Wire Transfer: For larger orders and added convenience, we offer the option of wire transfer. Simply let us know your preference, and we will promptly provide you with the necessary bank account details at HSBC for a seamless transaction. We are committed to accommodating your payment preferences to ensure a smooth and efficient process.

* You will get a 4.5% discount automaticially if you choose to pay by wire transfer. PayPal charges about 4.5% for each transaction and we would like to save this fee for you. 

our bank account at hsbcour bank account at hsbc

How do you ship?

For the past twenty years, we have established a strong partnership with a trusted local logistics company. Their expertise allows them to make informed decisions for us on which air courier to choose, FedEx, UPS, or DHL, based on various factors such as your location and the size and weight of your package.

This collaboration enables us to provide you with swift and dependable shipping services. As part of our commitment to enhancing your shopping experience, we offer free worldwide shipping (excluding framed pieces).

How long will it take to receive my silk embroidery?

We will ship your silk embroidery to you via UPS/FedEx/DHL within 3 working days after the receipt of your payment. It takes around 5 work days to deliver your silk embroidery by the air courier. So, you can expect to receive your silk embroidery within 8 workings after your payment. 

How to track my order?

We will email you the shipping information, which air courier and the tracking number, once your silk embroidery is shipped out. We will remain vigilant throughout the entire shipping process, monitoring your package's journey until it reaches your doorstep. Our goal is to ensure your silk embroidery arrives in impeccable condition. Your satisfaction is our priority, and we are committed to providing you with the best service possible.

You can use the tracking number we provide to track your package at,

shipping by upsshipping by ups
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If you have any questions or concerns about your purchase, please don't hesitate to reach out to us via our 'Contact Us' page. We also offer live chat support to provide instant answers to your queries. If we happen to be offline, feel free to leave us a message and we'll get back to you as soon as possible.