Value of Suzhou Silk Embroidery (Su Embroidery)

silk embroidery value

Suzhou is the hometown of silk and silk embroidery art in China. Silk embroidery is very time-consuming and requires very high embroidery skills. It takes from several months to even several years to complete one high quality silk embroidery work. Silk embroidery paintings hand embroidered by embroidery artists in Suzhou are often used as national gifts presented to presidents and head of states around the world. In 2006, Suzhou silk embroidery (Su embroidery) was designated as the National Heritage Treasure of China. Many art collectors predict that by 2014, Suzhou silk embroidery (Su embroidery) will be on the Intangible World Heritage List by UNESCO. By that time, the value of Suzhou silk embroidery (Su embroidery) will increase a lot for sure. Moreover, Suzhou silk embroidery (Su embroidery) is a dying handicraft. Now most of the skilled embroidery artists are above 40 years old on average. Very few young women are learning this old traditional work.


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