Suzhou Houses by Lotus Pond

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Embroidery Code Number / SESFQ0138
Embroidery Subject / Embroidery Landscape
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Embroidery Size / 50 x 50 cm or 20 x 20 inches
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This Chinese silk embroidery depicts a serene and picturesque scene of traditional houses by a lotus pond in Suzhou China. The embroidery artwork showcases white, minimalist architectural structures with dardk roofs and white walls. In the foreground, a calm water body reflects the architecture and is populated with lily pads and blooming flowers. A solitary wooden boat is moored near the stone embankment, evoking a sense of tranquility and connection to nature.

It is all hand embroidered with fine silk threads by embroidery artists from Su Embroidery Studio in Suzhou, China.

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This Chinese silk embroidery, a faithful reproduction of Wu Guanzhong's painting, unveils a serene and picturesque scene that pays homage to the traditional houses by a lotus pond in Suzhou, China. The embroidered artwork meticulously captures the essence of this architectural marvel, known for its white, minimalist structures featuring black roofs and white walls—a distinctive architectural style prevalent in Suzhou.

The scene unfolds with a tranquil pond in the foreground, serving as a reflective canvas for the architectural beauty that stands alongside its banks. The white structures are elegantly mirrored in the calm waters, creating a serene and harmonious composition. The traditional houses are framed by lush greenery, showcasing the delicate balance between human structures and the natural environment, a characteristic feature of traditional Chinese landscapes.

The pond is adorned with floating lily pads and blooming flowers, adding a touch of vibrant color to the scene. Amidst this picturesque setting, a solitary wooden boat is gently moored near a stone embankment, further emphasizing the connection between human life and nature. This subtle inclusion enhances the overall sense of tranquility that permeates the artwork.

The composition of this silk embroidery painting is a masterful play of colors and textures, achieved through intricate detailing using long and short stitches. This technique imparts a nuanced quality to the depiction, capturing the subtle interplay of light, shadow, and reflections. The result is a rich tapestry that not only visually represents the architectural beauty of Suzhou but also evokes a profound sense of traditional Chinese landscapes.

Through the lens of silk embroidery, this artwork pays homage to Wu Guanzhong's vision, bringing to life the harmonious coexistence of human structures and the natural world in a tranquil Suzhou setting. This embroidered art stands as a testament to the artistry and skill embedded in the tradition of Chinese silk embroidery.

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