Magpie in Magnoila Tree

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Embroidery Code Number / SESFQ0120
Embroidery Subject / Embroidery Floral
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Embroidery Size / 60 x 60 cm or 24 x 24 inches
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This Chinese silk embroidery is a beautiful and intricate portrayal of a serene and picturesque scene of nature. It features a blue magpie bird perched on the branches of a magnolia tree, surrounded by white magnolia blossoms. The background is hand embroidered with silk threads in varying shades of blue, giving an impression of a calm and peaceful atmosphere.

The central focus is on the intricately embroidered blue magpie with finely hand embroidered feathers, perched on a branch. Surrounding the bird are numerous branches filled with white magnolia blossoms, showcasing springtime beauty. Each blossom is meticulously crafted with silk threads to capture its delicate and ethereal nature. The branches are dark and sturdy, contrasting beautifully with the softness of the blossoms. In the background, varying shades of blue silk threads are used to create a tranquil setting that complements the lively scene in the foreground. 

The whole silk embroidery looks more impressive with the bright round moon in the background. In Chinese culture, the round moon stand for union, the magpies for happiness and good luck.

It is all hand embroidered with fine silk threads by embroidery artists from Su Embroidery Studio in Suzhou, China.

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This Chinese silk embroidery is a captivating artwork that intricately captures the tranquility and beauty of nature. The scene unfolds with a serene and picturesque depiction of a blue magpie bird gracefully perched on the branches of a magnolia tree, surrounded by a profusion of white magnolia blossoms. The entire artwork exudes a sense of calm and peacefulness, creating an immersive atmosphere.

The central focus of the silk embroidery is the finely detailed blue magpie, with its feathers meticulously hand embroidered to capture the bird's elegance and grace. The bird is perched on a sturdy branch, showcasing a harmonious blend of strength and delicacy. The branches themselves are adorned with white magnolia blossoms, each petal crafted with precision to convey their delicate and ethereal nature. The contrast between the dark and sturdy branches and the softness of the blossoms adds a dynamic and visually appealing dimension to the composition.

The background of the embroidered silk is equally enchanting, with varying shades of blue silk threads creating a tranquil setting. This choice of color enhances the overall ambiance of the scene, evoking a sense of calm and serenity. Notably, the addition of a bright round moon in the background adds a touch of celestial beauty to the composition.

Intricately woven into the symbolism of this silk embroidery painting are cultural elements that carry special significance. The round moon is a symbol of union in Chinese culture, representing harmony and completeness. The presence of magpies is traditionally associated with happiness and good luck, making this artwork not just visually stunning but also laden with positive cultural connotations.

As a whole, this silk embroidery is a testament to the skill and artistry of the craftsman, capturing a moment of natural beauty and infusing it with cultural symbolism. The meticulous detailing, vibrant colors, and thoughtful composition make this piece a truly impressive work of art that transcends its visual appeal to tell a story rooted in Chinese cultural traditions.

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