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When Culinary Art Meets the Artistry of Silk: The Inspiring Journey of Chef Ling


In the world of fine cuisine, where flavors tell tales and cultures merge, Chef Ling stands as a paragon of culinary artistry and a passionate advocate of traditional Chinese culture. Her journey from a country girl in Fuzhou City, the southeast of China, to a renowned chef in Austin, Texas, is a testament to her intense passion in the art of Chinese cuisine.

Raised by her grandmother, her formative years were marked by simplicity and a profound connection to authentic Chinese cuisine. It was the cherished memories of her grandmother's home-cooked meals that ignited the passionate flame within her for the culinary arts.

Chef Ling honed her culinary skills in New York City's Chinatown restaurants and later at La Traviata Italian Restaurant in Austin, Texas. It was Austin's laid-back lifestyle and nature-loving ambiance that led her to put down roots in this vibrant city, where she sought to further her culinary journey. Under the guidance of renowned dim sum chef William Wong, she mastered the intricate art of Dim Sum.

However, life took an unexpected turn when Chef Ling experienced a premature delivery of her second daughter. This transformative moment propelled her into exploring healthier cooking and the benefits of organic ingredients. It was during this period that the seed of combining Eastern and Western culinary wisdom began to germinate in her mind. Her mission was clear: to unite the art of Chinese cuisine with the principles of healthy living, demonstrating that better health could be achieved through the appreciation of culinary artistry.

Beyond her culinary superior skills, Chef Ling possesses a deep-seated passion for traditional Chinese culture, particularly Chinese opera. In 2014, her husband Jimmy purchased a magnificent silk embroidery depicting a Chinese opera dancer from Su Embroidery Studio, which kindled their fascination with the ancient Chinese silk embroidery art. Subsequently, they embarked on an annual tradition of ordering silk embroideries from Su Embroidery Studio, with each piece adding to their cherished collection.


embroidered wall art in Austin Texas

The First Silk Embroidery ‘Drunken Beauty’ Ling and Jimmy Purchased from Su Embroidery Studio

In 2019, Chef Ling and her husband introduced "Lin Asian Bar" in Austin, Texas, to eager food enthusiasts. The restaurant swiftly gained popularity, becoming renowned for its Sunday dim sum offerings that attracted long lines of eager patrons. Encouraged by the success of their first venture, they opened their second restaurant, "Qi," in October 2020.


silk embroidery in austin

Silk Embroidery Paintings Lin Asian Bar, Austin TX


Chinese embroidery in Austin

Chinese Silk Embroidery Paintings in Lin Asian Bar, Austin TX


embroidered silk art in Austin, Texas

Grand Silk Embroidered Painting ‘Peking Opera Dancer’, 400 cm wide, in Qi


What distinguishes Chef Ling's cuisine is its harmonious blend of Chinese traditions with a Western aesthetic. Her dishes not only tantalize the taste buds but also captivate the eyes with their artistic presentation, epitomizing the essence of beauty, taste, and health—an approach that resonates with Su Embroidery Studio's fusion of ancient Chinese silk artistry and modern Western oil painting techniques.


Shanghai Dumplings Served at Lin Asian Bar


Chef Ling's unwavering support for Su Embroidery Studio extends beyond her annual orders. She proudly displays her collection of silk embroideries in both of her restaurants, enhancing the visibility of this intricate art form within the Texas community. Notably, in "Qi," a magnificent silk embroidery of a Chinese opera dancer graces the hall's walls, captivating diners with its exquisite beauty.

Amid the challenges posed by the COVID-19 pandemic, Chef Ling and Jimmy reached out to Su Embroidery Studio with a heartfelt message, offering their assistance during these trying times—a gesture that touched our hearts deeply.

As Chef Ling and Jimmy plan to open their fifth restaurant, we are confident that their culinary talents will continue to flourish. Their dedication to the art of cuisine and their ardent support for traditional Chinese silk embroidery are testaments to their commitment to preserving and promoting the rich tapestry of Chinese culture. We extend our heartfelt gratitude to Chef Ling and Jimmy, wishing them boundless success in the years to come.

If you live in Austin or visiting this city, “Lin Asian Bar” and “Qi” will offer you a dining experience that's as visually enchanting as it is delicious. Taste the flavors, admire the art, and join us in celebrating the union of culinary excellence and silk embroidery elegance.

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