Discover the art of custom silk embroidery portraits at Su Embroidery Studio, where tradition meets precision in every stitch. Our studio specializes in custom embroidered portraits, an intricate form of art that captures realistic details through the ancient craft of Chinese silk embroidery. Whether you’re looking to immortalize a personal photograph, an oil painting, or a classic Chinese artwork, our embroidery artists can transform your visual memories into lifelike silk embroidery masterpieces.

We offer three types of custom portrait embroidery services, each tailored to different artistic preferences and complexity levels:


1. Custom Embroidered Portrait from Chinese Painting
This custom embroidery service creates embroidery portraits from Chinese paintings. Chinese paintings are renowned for their graceful lines, fluid forms, and often a monochromatic palette that emphasizes tone and texture over color. Embroidering artwork inspired by Chinese paintings involves a delicate process of translating these brush strokes into silk threads. The challenge lies in capturing the essence of ink wash techniques, where shades and tonal gradations play a crucial role. Our embroidery artists utilize a variety of stitching techniques to mimic these subtle nuances, ensuring that each piece reflects the ethereal and minimalist beauty characteristic of traditional Chinese art. This type of custom portrait embroidery appeals to those who appreciate the elegance and historical depth of Chinese aesthetics.

chinese silk embroidery 'Court Ladies Adorning Their Hair with Flowers'

Chinese Embroidery 'Court Ladies Adorning Their Hair with Flowers', Masterpiece, Hand Embroidered with Silk Threads

closeup of silk embroidery 'Court Ladies Adorning Their Hair with Flowers'

Closeup of  Masterpiece Chinese Silk Embroidery 'Court Ladies Adorning Their Hair with Flowers'

Style: Oriental
Complexity Level: ☆☆☆


2. Custom Embroidered Portrait from Oil Painting
This custom embroidery service creates embroidery portraits from oil paintings. In contrast to the often subtle tones of Chinese paintings, oil paintings boast deep, rich colors and a complex interplay of light and shadow. Embroidering replicas of oil paintings requires mastery over a palette of vibrant silk threads to capture the dynamic textures and vivid hues typical of this style. Our embroidery artists expertly layer stitches and blend colors to achieve the depth and intensity seen in oil-based artworks. The embroidery process for oil paintings is intricate, focusing on achieving a high level of detail and a tactile quality that mimics the brush strokes and thick application of paint found in the original works. This service is perfect for those who admire the boldness and emotional depth of Western art traditions.

closeup of portrait embroidery 'two angels'

Closeup of Custom Portrait Embroidery , Fine Quality, from Oil Painting 'Two Angels'


Closeup of Custom Embroidered Portrait , Fine Quality, from Klimt's Oil Painting 'Portrait of Adele Baoch-Bauer'

Style: Western
Complexity Level: ☆☆☆☆


3. Custom Embroidered Portrait from Photograph
This custom embroidery service creates embroidery portraits from photographs. Embroidering from photographs represents the pinnacle of realism and complexity in our custom embroidery services. This method demands the highest level of detail and accuracy, as it involves transforming a photographic image into an silk embroidered masterpiece. The challenge lies in capturing every nuance of the photograph, from the subtle gradations of skin tone to the intricate details in the background, all using silk threads.

Our skilled embroidery artists utilize advanced stitching techniques and a broad spectrum of thread colors to replicate the depth and realism of photographs. The process requires meticulous planning and precision, as each stitch contributes to the overall lifelike quality of the finished piece. The result is a stunning embroidered portrait that retains the emotional impact and visual depth of the original photo, often making it difficult for viewers to distinguish the embroidery from the photograph at a glance.

This service is especially appealing to those looking to preserve precious memories or honor loved ones in a uniquely artistic way. The embroidered portraits we create from photographs are not just artworks; they are lasting heirlooms that encapsulate cherished moments with a breath-taking clarity and beauty that only the finest silk embroidery can achieve.

custom embroidered portrait 'bill gates'

Custom Embroidered Portrait of Bill Gates, Masterpiece, Hand Embroidered with Silk Threads

custom portrait embroidery girl

A Top Quality Custom Portrait Embroidery  in Progress, the Rolled-Up Part Showing the Back Side of the Hand Embroidery

Masterpiece custom embroidery portrait

Custom Portrait Embroidery of  Yulia Tymoshenko, Former Prime Miniser of Ukraine, Masterpiece

closeup of custom embroidered portrait 'yulia'

Closeup of  Custom Portrait Embroidery of Yulia Tymoshenko

Style: Hyper-Realistic
Complexity Level: ☆☆☆☆☆


The cost of custom embroidered portraits varies based on the complexity and style chosen. Prices start at US$ 1,500, reflecting the meticulous effort and time our artists invest in each piece. Production times range from three months to over a year, allowing our embroidery artists to perfect every detail for ultimate realism and quality. The acutal price and a lead time depend on the compexity of the original image and the quality level of the silk embroidery, Fine Quality, Top Quality and Masterpiece (see Chinese Silk Embroidery Quality Standards). Please feel free to submit your image for a FREE price quote at Price for Custom Embroidery

If you’re searching for a custom embroidery shop that offers precision, artistic flair, and a personal touch, look no further than Su Embroidery Studio. Transform your photos, oil paintings, or Chinese artworks into beautiful silk embroidery portraits. Visit Custom Silk Embroidery for more details to commission your custom embroidery portrait today.


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Custom Portrait Embroidery from Photo

Custom Portrait Embroidery from Photo