In our previous post, we showed readers our custom embroidery services based on three types of artworks, Chinese ink paintings, oil paintings and photographs. Please see

In this post, we will mainly explore the custom embroideries made from photographs which is the most challenging hand embroidery work and represents the highest quality Chinese silk embroidery artwork.

At Su Embroidery Studio, we understand the profound value of preserving cherished memories through art. Our custom embroidered portrait service offers a unique opportunity to transform your favorite photographs into stunning threaded masterpieces. Su Embroidery Studio make custom portrait embroideries at three quality levels: Fine Quality, Top Quality, and Masterpiece. If you are not familiar with our quality system, please read Chinese Silk Embroidery Quality Standards first.


1. Fine Quality Custom Portrait Embroidery:

Fine Quality custom embroidered portraits capture the essence of your cherished memories with precision and elegance. Our skilled embroidery artists meticulously translate your photograph into silk hand embroidery, focusing on essential details while maintaining a balanced composition. These silk embroideries are characterized by their clarity, accuracy, and lifelike representation, offering a beautiful tribute to your loved ones or special moments.

Fine Quality custom embroidered portrait from photo

Closeup of Fine Quality Custom Portrait Embroidery from Photograph


2. Top Quality Custom Portrait Embroidery:

Top Quality custom embroidered portraits elevate your memories to new heights, delivering exceptional realism and depth. Our embroidery artists employ finer silk threads and complicated stitching techniques, ensuring every aspect of your photograph is faithfully reproduced in silk thread. These silk embroideries exhibit enhanced texture, dimension, and vibrancy, resulting in captivating silk embroidered artworks that captivate the eye and touch the heart.

Top Quality custom embroidered portrait from photo

Closeup of Top Quality Custom Portrait Embroidery from Photograph


3. Masterpiece Custom Portrait Embroidery:

Masterpiece custom embroidered portraits represent the pinnacle of Chinese silk embroidery art, pushing the boundaries of realism and artistic expression. Each stitch is meticulously placed to convey the subtlest nuances of light, shadow, and emotion, creating a breathtaking likeness that transcends the original photograph. These silk embroideries are true works of art, commanding attention with their unparalleled beauty, intricacy, and emotional resonance.

Masterpiece custom embroidered portrait from photo

Hyper-Realistic Silk Embroidery Art, Closeup of Masterpiece Custom Portrait Embroidery from Photograph

closeup of masterpiece portrait embroidery

Hyper-Realistic Silk Embroidery Art, Closeup of Hair and Skin in Masterpiece Custom Embroidered Portrait



Whether you choose Fine Quality, Top Quality, or Masterpiece, our custom embroidered portraits from photographs are crafted with the utmost care and dedication. Each piece is a testament to our commitment to preserving your most precious memories in thread, transforming them into timeless artworks that will be treasured for generations to come. Contact Su Embroidery Studio today to elevate your memories with our bespoke embroidery services. Please feel free to submit your photograph for a FREE price quote at Price for Custom Embroidery. You can learn more information about our custom embroidery service at Custom Silk Embroidery Service.


Buy Chinese Silk Embroidery Online

Buy Chinese Silk Embroidery Online

Custom Portrait Embroidery from PhotoCustom Portrait Embroidery from Photo