Golden Autumn

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Embroidery Code Number / SESFQ0002
Embroidery Subject / Embroidery Landscape
Embroidery Quality /
Fine Quality
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Embroidery Size / 80 x 50 cm or 31 x 20 inches
Shipping / Free Worldwide
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Red Hallmark
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This is a silk embroidered painting that depicts a serene and beautiful autumn landscape. The image portrays an autumn scene with tall, slender trees that have golden-yellow leaves. The trees are densely populated on both sides of a winding river that reflects the warm colors of the foliage. The background is filled with more trees, creating a dense forest look, and it has a gradient of colors from dark at the bottom to lighter shades at the top, giving an impression of depth and distance. The embroidery stitches are visible and add texture to the image, making the trees and reflections on the water appear more realistic. There’s a sense of tranquility and calmness in this silk embroidery artwork; it captures the essence of fall with its warm color palette including gold, yellow, brown, and orange tones.

The whole embroidery painting is fully embroidered with criss-cross stitches, including the background. 

It is all hand embroidered with fine silk threads by embroidery artists from Su Embroidery Studio in Suzhou, China.

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This silk embroidered painting is a captivating depiction of a serene and enchanting autumn landscape. The silk artwork transports viewers into the heart of fall, presenting a scene adorned with the breathtaking beauty of the season. Dominating the composition are tall and slender trees, their branches adorned with golden-yellow leaves that shimmer with the warm hues of autumn.

These trees line both sides of a winding river, and the water mirrors the vibrant colors of the foliage, creating a mesmerizing reflection that adds depth to the scene. The river meanders through the landscape, enhancing the tranquility and creating a sense of peaceful continuity. The background is filled with additional trees, forming a dense forest that contributes to the immersive feel of the artwork. The gradient of colors in the background, transitioning from darker tones at the bottom to lighter shades at the top, imparts a sense of depth and distance, enriching the visual experience.

The embroidery stitches, thoughtfully applied, are visible and contribute to the overall texture of the image. They enhance the realism of the trees and reflections on the water, providing a tactile and detailed quality to the artwork. The warm color palette, consisting of gold, yellow, brown, and orange tones, captures the essence of fall, evoking a feeling of warmth and nostalgia.

In summary, this silk embroidery painting masterfully captures the tranquility and calmness of autumn, showcasing meticulous craftsmanship, vibrant colors, and a rich sense of seasonal beauty.

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