Lotus Flowers V

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Embroidery Code Number / SESFQ0191
Embroidery Subject / Embroidery Floral
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Fine Quality
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Embroidery Size / 100 x 50 cm or 40 x 20 inches
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This is a beautiful Chinese embroidery painting of blooming lotus flowers amidst large green leaves. The embroidery artist has used a mix of vibrant and subtle colors to bring the scene to life. The pink petals of the lotus flowers are hand embroidered with delicate silk threads in short stitches, highlighting their elegance and grace. The green leaves, painted with varying shades of green and blue, provide a contrasting backdrop that accentuates the beauty of the flowers. There’s an interplay between light and shadow on both the flowers and leaves which adds depth to each element. In the background, there’s subtle shading that suggests water or sky but doesn’t detract from the main focus - which is on the lotuses. The embroidery painting is in traditional Chinese-style and features several pink lotus flowers at different stages of bloom. The large leaves surrounding the flowers are hand embroidered in various shades of green and blue, showcasing intricate details and textures of the hand embroidery work. 

It is all hand embroidered with natural mulberry silk threads by embroidery artists from Su Embroidery Studio in Suzhou, China.

Please feel free to Contact Us to ask a question about this silk art or for more close-ups before making a purchase. 


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This Chinese silk embroidery is a mesmerizing depiction of blooming lotus flowers set amidst large, vibrant green leaves. The embroidery artist has skillfully employed a combination of stitches and silk threads to breathe life into the scene, creating a captivating representation of nature's beauty.

The focal point of the silk embroidery artwork is the exquisite portrayal of pink lotus flowers, each petal meticulously embroidered with intricate stitches. The artist's attention to detail brings out the elegance and grace of the lotus blooms, capturing various stages of their enchanting beauty. The soft pink hues of the petals are delicately achieved through the careful selection and blending of silk threads, creating a harmonious contrast against the lush green leaves that envelop the flowers.

The green leaves are masterfully hand embroidered with varying shades of silk threads, providing a rich and contrasting backdrop that enhances the overall visual impact. The interplay of light and shadow on both the flowers and leaves is achieved through the nuanced use of stitches, adding depth and dimension and capturing the dynamic nature of the lotus pond.

In the background, subtle shading hints at the presence of water or sky, contributing to the overall ambiance without detracting from the main focus on the lotus flowers. The traditional Chinese embroidery technique is evident in the composition, showcasing meticulous attention to detail and a nuanced use of silk threads.

This silk embroidery wall art serves as a testament to the artist's skill, seamlessly blending traditional embroidery techniques with artistic expression. Whether admired for its botanical accuracy or appreciated for its aesthetic allure, this hand embroidered artwork is a timeless celebration of the natural world and the rich tradition of Chinese silk embroidery.

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