Girl in Repose

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Embroidery Code Number / SESFQ0019
Embroidery Subject / Embroidery Portrait
Embroidery Quality /
Fine Quality
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Embroidery Size / 45 x 45 cm or 18 x 18 inches
Shipping / Free Worldwide
Certificate of Authenticity /
Red Hallmark
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This abstract silk embroidery painting is a vibrant and intricate piece of silk art. It features a femail figure resting on an ornate, patterned basket amidst a backdrop of colorful, stylized palm leaves against a dark, textured background. The central focus is on the figure that appears to be in repose. The figure is adorned in clothing with complex patterns and textures. Surrounding the figure are stylized palm leaves that are rendered in bright reds, oranges, and yellows with detailed linework. The background has a deep blue color with lighter blue textures giving it depth and contrast. The entire painting is hand embroidered, characterized by its rich colors, intricate designs, and the interplay between the detailed foreground elements and the more subdued background.  

It is all hand embroidered with fine silk threads by embroidery artists from Su Embroidery Studio in Suzhou, China.

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This abstract silk embroidery is a captivating and intricate piece of art that unfolds a vibrant and stylized composition. The central focus is a female figure in a state of repose, gracefully positioned on an ornate, patterned basket. The figure is adorned with clothing featuring intricate patterns and textures, adding a layer of complexity to the artwork.

The backdrop is a visually striking tableau of colorful and stylized palm leaves. Rendered in bright hues of red, orange, and yellow, these palm leaves exude energy and dynamism. The linework detailing the leaves adds a sense of movement and rhythm to the composition, creating a lively and engaging visual experience.

Against a dark, textured background with a deep blue color, the foreground elements, including the figure and palm leaves, stand out prominently. The background itself features lighter blue textures, contributing to the overall depth and contrast of the piece. The interplay between the richly detailed foreground and the subtly textured background adds a layer of sophistication to the artwork.

The combination of rich colors, intricate designs, and the balance between detailed foreground elements and the nuanced background creates a harmonious and visually compelling piece. This abstract embroidery picture is a testament to the artist's skill in blending complexity with vibrancy, making it an engaging and aesthetically pleasing artwork. 

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