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   Suzhou, the silk hand embroidery city of China, is one of the oldest cities in the Yangtze Basin in China and rich in its natural and man resources. It has been praised as 'a paradise on Earth' since ancient time. It grew rapidly as a center of shipping and storage with the completion of the Grand Canal in 609 AD.

   By the 14th century, Suzhou was China’s leading silk producer. The wealthy inhabitants in this time built many gardens, of which over 100 survive. Many of them are already listed as a world cultural heritage by the UNESCO.

   The elegant classical gardens, the old-fashioned houses and delicate bridges hanging over flowing waters in the drizzling rain, the numerous scenic spots and historic sites, the exquisite arts and crafts, and the notably soft dialect have made Suzhou a renowned historic and cultural city full of poetic charm. 

   Famous local handicrafts include silk hand embroidery, silk double sided embroidery, silk brocade, sandal wood fans and rose wood carving.





Humble Administrator's Garden in Suzhou

Lingering Garden in Suzhou

Mountain Villa with Embracing Beauty

Surging Wave Pavilion

Lion Grove Garden of Suzhou

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