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   When you buy from Su Embroidery Studio (SES)

   1. You're buying silk embroideries directly from a producer in the embroidery hometown, Suzhou, China.
   2. 100% silk and hand embroidery guaranteed. We only make and sell high quality silk embroideries. 
   3. The most competitive pricing you'll find online, 40%+ lower than market price given the same quality.
   4. PayPal accepted. All major credit cards accepted. Your purchase is protected. 
   5. Super fast response. All prices listed include shipping and handling. 
   6. For your very first order below $500, you can pay upon receiving the embroidery.
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   7. Refund guarantee. 15-day money back guarantee. No questions asked! 
   8. Our return customers and our distributors are a testimonial to our success.   

   Are you concerned about ordering for the first time from our website?

   Please don’t be.

   Since 2004, we have sold our silk embroideries to more than 30 countries and have many return customers who have been more than happy with the quality and value for money of our embroideries and the integrity of our service.

   To assure you of the high quality of our silk embroideries and integrity of our studio, we hope you will take your time to see some recommendations of our silk embroideries from real customers on a third-party website LinkedIn, the world's largest professional network. Below are just some recommendations we extracted. Click here to view more recommendations on LinkedIn. You can contact these customers to check our business reputation by clicking their names. 


“I had ordered several pieces of Chinese Silk Embroidery from Chunhua and the results were excellent. He had delivered the pieces in good condition, well packages and the art work was excellent, as he promised.

Chunhua was very accommodating with my request for an additional piece especially with regards to the fine details I requested in regard to the name of the artist. Everything was delivered in the time he promised, in good condition and as requested.” October 5, 2011

Top qualities: Great Results, Good Value, High Integrity

Shao Siang Yin
hired Chunhua in 2009


“I have bought handmade embroidery from Mr. Mao's company in two occasions. One was a special large landscape for my daughter in law and the other a portrait of my wife and I in silk for our 35th wedding anniversary. On both occasions, Mr. Mao sent us pictures of the work before it was finalised by his very skilful artisans. Those works of art take months to be completed. Mr. Mao kept us informed on the progress all the time, had modifications made at our request near completion, always being of service and communicating with us all the time. Su Embroidery Studio is a very serious company and it delivered to us, both times, real masterpieces. I warmly recommend Mr. Mao and his very skilful artisans to anyone who wants to own or give as a gift very precious and unique handmade embroidery masterpieces.” September 12, 2011

Top qualities: Great Results, Good Value, High Integrity

Claude Émond
hired Chunhua as a Provider of silk embroidery works of art in 2010, and hired Chunhua more than once


“I hired Chunhua's company to create two large custom silk embroideries. The final product on both was excellent. Chunhua has excellent communication throughout the process which can last many months, depending on the complexity of the art. Even though his company is based in China, you should have no hesitation working with him at all. If you have any questions, I will be happy to answer them and show you pictures of the final work they created for my home. He runs a very honest and high quality business and truly cares about the client and the end result of the art. I would hire him again and recommend his company without hesitation.” September 12, 2011

Top qualities: Great Results, On Time, High Integrity

William Rosenberger (Beijing, Hong Kong)
hired Chunhua as a Silk Embroidery in 2009, and hired Chunhua more than once


Chunhua Mao, owner of SU EMBROIDERY is a most trustworthy, reliable and pleasant individual to do business with.
His products are OUTSTANDING.
He and his colleagues produce world-class products and deserve all the success possibly.
I can recommend him and his company most highly.
Peter Jancke” September 9, 2011

Top qualities: Great Results, Good Value, High Integrity

Peter Jancke
hired Chunhua as a Business Consultant in 2008, and hired Chunhua more than once


Click here to view more recommendations on LinkedIn.


More than that, we would like to give you the opportunity to chat with some of the people who have supported SES over the years. Find out for yourself, ask the questions you want to, talk to real customers and feel confident about your purchase and delivery of our quality embroideries.

Please feel free to contact us to ask for the contact details of the customer who is near your place or in your same state. We just want you to feel absolutely confident about our service and product quality.


Arun Srivatsa, Fremont, California, USA                       He has purchased from us 26 times since 2006. 
Herbert Hunter, Augustine, Florida, USA
Mary Corbet, St. Marys, Kansas, USA
Anne Kennedy, Boynton Beach, Florida, USA
Iris Garcia, Kirkland, Washington, USA
Barbara Shi, Edmonds, Washington, USA
Tony Diep, Plantation, Washington, USA
Gertrude Wolf, Claremont, California, USA
Mark Greenfield, Los Angeles, California, USA
Debby Miller, Andover, Massachusetts, USA
Aric Bakshy, Manhattan, New York, USA
Glenn Kolansky, Tinton Falls, New Jersey, USA
Klaus Pakusch, Hilton, New York, USA
Sandy Rivera, Bon Air, Virginia, USA
Ellen Colburn, Cromwell, Connecticut, USA
Marie Deatherage, Portland, Oregon, USA
Curtis Matsko, Portland Oregon, USA
Brandon Lam, Alameda California, USA
Mark Steven Greenfield, Angeles California, USA            website:
Bill Carter, Astatula, Florida, USA

Claude Emond, Quebec, Canada
Jeff Allen, British Columbia, Canada
Pat Christiansen, Alberta, Canada

Allan Houghton, Queensland, Australia 
Leo Mclean, New South Wales, Australia
Jenny & Lynton, New South Wales, Australia                website:

Peter Jancke, Cumbria, UK
Heather Boyes, Hampshire, UK
Alan Mcintyre, Edinburgh, UK                                     website:

Koh Boon Kiat, Fernvale Road, Singapore
Marijana Sosic, PPL Shipyard 21 Pandan Road, Singapore

Indriastuti Soetomo, Jakarta, Indonesia

Veronica Careaga, Cuajimalpa, Mexico

Louisa Buchanan, Nelson, New Zealand

Yin Shao Siang, Selangor Darul Ehsan, Malaysia

Megha Jain, Delhi, India

Boris Khokhryakov, Tomsk, Russia

Jeannine Robertson , Bahrain

Matloch Antonin, Czech

Antonio, Slovakia

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