Suzhou Embroidery Reached Its Zenith in Qing Dynasty

Suzhou embroidery, with its great variety of designs, widespread use and superb stitching techniques, reached its zenith in the Qing Dynasty (1644 – 1911). The Qing government set up a special embroidery division under the Suzhou Weaving Administration, which was mainly in charge of making royal garments and goods for the royal guard of honor, interior decorations and ornaments. Such embroidered pieces were artistic, regal, and gorgeous. In contrast, there were also more embroidery pieces for sale commercially. According to the Shanghai Records, ‘Suzhou embroidery is so good that it looks like painted scenery. The embroidery pieces look slightly like woven fabrics. They are made with split silk threads and the stitches are as fine as hair’.

suzhou embroidery

Suzhou embroidery, hand embroidered silk dragon

suzhou embroidery robe

Suzhou embroidery, silk embroidered emperor's dragon robe

suzhou embroidery robe

Suzhou embroidery, hand embroidered sikl robe

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