Top 4 Things Chinese Machine Embroidery Sellers Won’t Tell You

silk hand embroidery
Su embroidery, 100% hand embroidered with fine silk threads on silk satin

With the rapid development of embroidery techniques in embroidery machines, machine embroidery manufacturers now can produce much more complicated embroidery work than before and they can easily imitate real silk handmade embroidery. Chinese machine embroideries look very close to hand embroidered silk embroidery but are produced at a cost that’s only a fraction of the real silk embroidery’s. Some people buy the machine embroidery because of its low price. But there are top 4 things that machine embroidery sellers will not tell their customers.

1, Chinese machine embroideries are not produced in Suzhou China.
Suzhou is a notable city in China for classic gardens and silk products. In China, silk embroidery is made in many cities, but four types of silk embroidery are the most well-known for their high quality, Su embroidery, Xiang embroidery, Shu embroidery and Yue embroidery made in different regions in China. Su embroidery, silk embroidery produced in Suzhou, is now widely acknowledged as the best among the four. Like most silk embroidery sellers who claim that their embroideries are from Suzhou, the machine embroidery sellers also tell their customers that ther embroideries are produced in an old city Suzhou with a history of 2,500 years. The fact is that machine embroideries are mostly produced in Zhejiang province which is not far from Suzhou city.
2, Chinese machine embroideries are not produced with real silk threads.
Machine embroidery sellers tell their customers that their embroideries are made with silk threads, but the silk threads they use are synthetic threads, not real and natural silk threads. Real Chinese silk embroidery is hand embroidered with mulberry silk threads that look shinning and smooth. But real mulberry silk threads are very fragile. When the embroidery machine produce embroideries with mulberry silk threads, they silk threads get broken often because a machine can not handle the silk threads as gently as an embroidery lady does. Instead, embroidery machines use much strong threads that can stand the fast and strong movement. That’s why machine-made embroidery does not look as shinning as real silk embroidery.
3, Chinese machine embroideries are mass produced.
When you buy a Chinese machine embroidery, you are probably buying one of the thousands machine embroideries that are identical to yours. Many people buy silk hand embroideries because they are handmade and each silk embroidery is unique. But machine embroideries are mass produced by embroidery machines through using a hand embroidery work as the base.
4, Chinese machine embroideries have no relationship with Su embroideries.Su embroidery refers to silk embroidery produced by embroidery artists in Suzhou China. It is 100% hand embroidered with fine silk threads on silk satin. It is widely known as the highest quality silk embroidery in China for elegant colors, lively stitches and meticulous needlework. Because Su embroidery enjoys a very good fame, most machine embroidery manufacturers use Su embroidery as the base to produce the machine embroideries. But the embroidery produced by machine is totally different from Su embroidery. It’s not made in Suzhou, not with silk threads and not hand embroidered.  
Below are some most often-seen machine embroideries,
 machine embroidery machine-made embroidery machine embroideries
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