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About Chunhua Mao

   Chunhua Mao, founder and owner of Su Embroidery Studio (SES), was born and raised in Suzhou, a city famous for silk and silk embroidery works in China. After he graduated from Dongwu Foreign Language Normal School in 1999, he started to teach English in a school in his hometown in Xiangchen District of Suzhou. After four years of uneventful life there, he left for Wuzhong, a more economically developed district of Suzhou, in hope to have a new and more challenging life there. 

    In July 2004, on his business trip to Zhangjiagang, he met one of his most influential friends in his life, Dheeraj Luthra, president of Cortex FZC, an Indian trading company mainly dealing with fabrics and garments. He worked as an English/Chinese teacher in his friend's company as a part time job in that summer. He learned a lot from his friend's business. Most importantly, he got the inspiration to start a business of his own when he left.  

     Being an art and crafts lover himself, Chunhua Mao liked to know and collect information about Suzhou local handicrafts even when he was a little boy. He believed Suzhou silk embroidery was the best and the most representative work among all the local handicrafts. In September 2004, he started a business of his own. He founded Su Embroidery Studio (SES), with an office in Meizhiguo, a showroom in Suzhou Senso International Plaza and a workshop in Zhenhu where the embroidery workers live and work. On 11th of October, 2004, Su Embroidery Studio (SES) was launched. 

   Ever since it's online, Su Embroidery Studio (SES) has sold silk embroideries to customers in more than 30 countries and regions*. In the belief that a good business image is as important as making profits, Chunhua Mao and his workers only make and sell high quality silk embroideries at reasonable prices. He considers it as his No. 1 goal that every customer has a pleasant experience when he/she purchases from Su Embroidery Studio (SES) and every customer is fully satisfied with the silk embroidery he/she purchases. 

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Chunhua Mao' profile on Linkedin

* US, UK, Australia, Canada, New Zealand, Poland, Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand, Indonesia, Malta, Bahrain, France, Russia, Ukraine, Latvia, Macedonia, Israel, Morocco, South Africa, India, South Korea, Czech Republic, Qatar, Palestine, Slovak, Romania, Germany, Portugal, Netherlands, Sweden, Switzerland, Norway, Belgium, Mexico, Qazaqstan, Spain, Saudi Arabia, Taiwan and Hong Kong
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