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Hand Embroidery Guarantee Statement


I. 100% silk hand embroidery guarantee
II. How to avoid purchasing fake silk embroidery or machine-made embroidery online
III. Free appraisal of your embroidery

   At Su Embroidery Studio, we promise we never make or sell machine-made embroideries. Every embroidery painting from our studio is 100% hand embroidered with pure silk threads on silk satin. WE STATE THAT if you find the embroidery you buy from Su Embroidery Studio not hand embroidered which is proved by a third-party testing organization, we will pay you US $10,000 as compensation.

handmade embroidery lotus flower hand embroidered cat
hand embroidery Jesus hand embroidered Jesus and Mary
Chinese hand embroidery Ballet Dancer Suzhou hand embroidery landscape
Chinese hand embroidery hand embroidered portrait French President
   Now more and more machine made embroideries can been seen in market. As an average customer, it's very difficult for them to tell the machine embroidery from hand embroidery when buying embroideries, especially buying them online. Below are some tips that can help you avoid buying machine embroidery online. 

   1, Ask for close-up photos of the embroidery that can display the stitches and threads clearly. Suzhou hand embroidery uses pure silk threads, but machine embroidery uses artificial fibers. 

   2, Ask the producer if they can custom-make your own picture into silk embroidery. Machine embroidery producer only produce embroideries that they have the programs. They scan a hand embroidery work into a computer and then use an embroidery machine to produce the embroidery which almost has the same stitches as the original hand embroidery.

   3, Ask the producer to take some photos of your embroidery while it is being made to prove it is hand embroidered.  

   For more details on how to avoid purchasing fake silk embroideries online, please refer to the article differences between hand and machine embroideries

   If you are still not sure if the embroidery you want to buy or you have bought is hand embroidered, you may contact us by emailing us some photos of the embroidery for a free appraisal. 

   We can custom make any of your pictures into silk embroideries in any size. While your embroidery is being made, we can keep you updated by emailing you photos of your embroidery.    

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