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   We are Su Embroidery Studio (SES), based in Suzhou, the hometown of silk embroidery in China. We started our embroidery business in 2004. Since then we've sold our silk embroideries to more than 30 countries.

   Headed by Chunhua Mao, the founder and owner of Su Embroidery Studio (SES), we not only create silk embroideries from our own designs, but also create unique embroidery artwork for you according to your requirements. Every silk embroidery work we sell is 100% hand embroidered under the supervision of a master embroidery artist Weifang Pu

   Weifang Pu, a national award winning embroidery artist who won a gold medal for her high embroidery skills in 2008, is now in charge of the quality control of the embroidery works we make. Weifang Pu learned to embroider at her very early age. Many of her embroidery works were ordered by Suzhou Embroidery Research Institute and are now collected by some art lovers in US, UK, Australia, Canada and some other countries.

   When you buy silk embroideries from us, you bypass the middlemen that inevitably put the price high. We only make and sell high quality silk embroideries. Considering the high quality of our silk embroideries, our prices are definitely the most competitive you can find online, 40%+ lower than the market price.

   We offer a full and complete customer service during each phase of your shopping process from silk embroidery selection to embroidery delivery to ensure complete customer satisfaction.

   Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions. We will be very glad to answer you any questions regarding our silk embroideries and embroidery service. All enquires will be answered within one working day.


I. Su Embroidery Studio (SES) Team

owner of SES

Surong Ye, sales assistant

embroidery artist Weifang Pu

embroidery artist Yonghui Xu at work

Chunhua Mao
, founder & owner of SES

embroidery artist Weifang Pu at work

Faxiang Fu, production manager



II. Embroidery Artists at Work

III. Embroidery Works Showroom
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