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   Chinese Suzhou embroidery (Su embroidery for short) is the most famous hand embroidery among all embroideries in China. It has a history exceeding 2,000 years and is made in rather professional ways. It was recorded that Su embroidery was very prosperous and its art reached perfection after the Song Dynasty (about 960 AD ?1279 AD). Every family at that time in Suzhou bred silkworms and made hand embroidery. Even now many people live by embroidering. In Zhenhu alone, a small town where most of our workers from, there are about 8,000 embroidery craftswomen.

   According to the subject of the embroidery work, Su embroidery can be generally sorted as: 

Silk embroidery animals 
Silk embroidery portraits 
Silk embroidery landscapes 
Silk embroidery flowers 

   Su embroidery is praised as 'the pearl of oriental art' for its beautiful designs, varied stitches, superb workmanship and elegant colors. Su embroidery paintings are an unique wall art, an ideal choice for home, office, hotel wall decor, an unusual gift idea that satisfies both personal and corporate needs. It is highly collectable and its value doubles with its age. Su embroidery furnishings include scarves, curtains, handkerchiefs, ladies clothes, tablecloths, pillow covers, cushion covers, wall hangings, and etc.

   There are two varieties of Su embroidery based on techniques applied: single sided embroidery, double sided embroidery of different colors. Double sided embroidery, the specific style of Su embroidery can be appreciated from both sides. Pictures look exactly the same and wonderful on both sides. Some wonderful double sided embroideries even can have two totally different pictures on the two sides of the silk embroidery. Special ways are used in knitting instead of knotting. The end of the silk thread is invisible. It is knitted in the right angle without piercing the other side. Both sides will present the same excellent effect.

Chinese silk embroidery, needlework

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