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How Are the embroideries Packaged For Shipping


   The embroidery you receive has been stretched already and is mounted onto a fabric with mat around the embroidery. It is very easy to have it framed after you receive it, the same as to frame an oil painting or a photograph. 


         embroidery mounted



Customers can cut the mat if they don't want any mat, or use a different mat to cover it if they prefer to have a different color when they have the embroidery framed.



   We roll the embroidery and put the rolled embroidery in a box when sending it to customers. 


           embroidery rolled



          embroidery in box



 Su Embroidery Studio logo on the box



         authenticity guarantee






   If you would like to purchase the embroidery with framing, please refer to the article signed embroidery & framed embroidery.

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