Largest Xiang Embroidery Made in Changsha Hunan Province China

largest xiang embroidery

Xiang embroidery is one of the oldest surviving Chinese needlework traditions. And the largest Xiang embroidery piece, Shaoshan Mountain, has been completed in Changsha.

This art work commemorates the 118th anniversary of Chairman Mao's birthday. And its makers are preparing to declare it to Guinness records.
Xiang embroidery, also called Hunan embroidery, is produced in and around Changsha, the capital of Hunan Province. Its most distinct style is in elegant black, white and gray tones, resembling Chinese ink paintings.
Xiang embroidery also focuses on contrasting light and shade in its patterns and texture, to create a three-dimensional effect.
The piece, Shaoshan Mountain, is named after Chairman Mao's hometown. At two meters high and seven meters wide, it is the world's biggest Xiang embroidery work.
More than 40 types of stitches and hundreds of colored silk threads composes the piece. The highlight is the former residence of Chairman Mao, where he was born and spent his childhood and youth.
Besides beautiful natural secenery, the embroidery is composed in the same style as Chinese ink paintings.
"Shaoshan" has taken 20 craftsmen nine months to accomplish. It is made to commemorate the 118th anniversary of Chairman Mao's birthday on December 26th.
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