When Suzhou is the topic of conversation among the people of China, the first image that invariably comes to mind is that of its enchanting classic gardens. Famed for being the pinnacle of garden design south of the ChangJiang River, Suzhou's gardens are often regarded as the best in China. Beyond these iconic green spaces, Suzhou, aptly nicknamed the "water city," boasts a collection of captivating water towns that are an indispensable attraction for visitors. Following a leisurely exploration of Suzhou's charming gardens, the allure of its water towns becomes irresistible.

Diverging from the imposing architecture prevalent in the northern regions of China, Suzhou's water towns exude the distinctive charm of southern Chinese aesthetics. Characterized by picturesque watery landscapes and quaint houses lining the riverbanks, these towns offer a unique and enchanting atmosphere.

Zhou Zhuang, among the most renowned water towns, stands out as an exemplary guardian of the Wu culture. It unfolds before visitors like a living tableau of traditional Chinese landscape paintings, a sublime scene that transcends verbal description. Stone bridges from antiquity span clear waters, while historic houses along the riverside, women adorned in traditional attire, and an air of pastoral tranquility collectively paint a harmonious environment. So enamored are many tourists by this peaceful existence that they opt to rent old houses along the riverbanks for an immersive experience.

Tongli, Zhouzhuang, and Xitang, the three most celebrated water towns near Suzhou, each boast meandering rivers and traditional buildings that evoke a bygone era. Ancient stone bridges, some harboring intriguing tales, connect the towns, where local residents navigate the waterways by boat—a primary mode of transport. Strolling through these charming water towns reveals locals enjoying a simple and serene lifestyle, with scenes of people along the riverside sipping tea and engaging in animated conversations with friends.

For those seeking respite from the bustling city life, a boat ride down the rivers of these water towns offers a rejuvenating experience. The scenic beauty of these locales has inspired not only admiration but also artistic expression. The presented images of water towns below are not conventional oil paintings or photographs; rather, they are meticulous silk embroidery works. Crafted with fine silk threads on silk, each embroidery painting demands several months of dedicated effort. This delicate art form requires exceptional embroidery skills and unwavering patience, a testament to the expertise possessed by the women born and raised in these water towns who undertake this intricate task. These silk embroideries not only capture the visual splendor of Suzhou's water towns but also embody the artistry and cultural richness that define this unique corner of China.

chinese silk embroidery water town

chinese silk embroidery water village


by Su Embroidery Studio (SES), Suzhou China

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