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Signed Embroidery and Framed Embroidery

   At SES, we normally sell silk embroideries without signing and framing. Most of our silk embroideries are reproduced from oil paintings or photographs. Many of our customers would like to have the embroideries that look the same as the original pictures. They do not what us to add anything to the original pictures. This is why the silk embroideries listed on our site do not have the embroidery artists' signatures. However if you would like to purchase the embroidery with the embroidery artist's signature on the embroidery work, we can add the signature before we send it out to you. 

   Many people have the wrong impression that the signed embroideries must be of higher quality than the embroideries that do not have the signatures. As a matter of fact, many low quality silk embroideries sold at some tourist spots in China have signatures. It's not complicated and does not take much time to embroider the embroidery signature on the embroidery work. 

   Signatures on the embroidery paintings are also hand embroidered with silk threads. Below are the two ways the embroidery artists at SES sign their embroidery works.  


   Signed embroidery I (traditional way)     Signed embroidery II (modern way)
   Regarding framing, we can frame the embroideries for customers here if they prefer to buy the framed embroideries ready to hang. But since the package of the framed embroideries will be much larger and heavier, shipping is no longer free. Customers interested in purchasing framed embroideries will need to pay for the framing that is not expensive in our city and the additional shipping cost for the increased size and weight of the package. 

   Please just let us know if you would like to purchase the embroideries with framing when you place the order. We will give you some framing options suitable for your embroideries for you to choose, and the cost of framing and shipping. 

   Below are some examples of framed embroideries our customers ordered. 

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