History and Characteristics of Chinese Yue Embroidery

Chinese Yue embroidery originated in the Pearl River Delta region, and can be traced back to the beginning of the 9th century. Yue embroidery needlework reveals meticulous handiwork. It has more than 30 stitches in seven categories. It as further developed after 1949. Generally speaking, the stitches of Chinese Yue embroidery are even and varied. The composition is thoughtful, neat and attractive. The colors are rich and bright, and the stitching is even and smooth. The beautiful gold and silver embroideries have a three dimensional effect.

Chinese Yue embroidery has a wide range of themes, but the most common are birds paying homage to the sun, dragons and phoenixes, peonies, pine trees and cranes, monkeys, deer, chickens, gees, and imitation of ancient paintings. Most of the embroidery items are suited for bedroom or as clothes, ornaments and furnishings.
one hundred bird embroidery
Yue embroidery, One Hundred Birds pay Homage to Phoenix
nine dragon embroidery
Nine Dragons embroidery
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