Characteristics of Sichuan Embroidery or Shu Embroidery

Soft satins and colored silks were the main materials used to make Sichuan embroidery or Shu embroidery for short. Each Shu embroidery work uses more than 100 stitches, including the mix stitch, stem stitch, and he pull stitch. Shu embroidery has a distinct local flavor, with colorful, expressive designs. The themes vary from flowers and birds, beasts and landscapes to insects, fish and people. Apart from the large number of decorative embroidery works, there are also embroidery quilts, embroidery pillowcases, embroidery cushions, embroidery tablecloths, embroidery scarves and embroidery handkerchiefs. Present-day embroidery works include both large decorative pieces and small embroidery artworks. The representative embroidery works of Shu embroidery are the large floor screen, Lotus Flowers and Carps, and the hanging screen, Performing Lady Muscians in the Palace of Shu Kigdom, displayed in the Schuan Provincial Hall of the Great Hall of the People, and the double faced embroidery floor screens Carps and Water Reeds and the Big and Small Pandas.

embroidery floor screen

Double-sided embroidery floor screen Hibiscus and Caps

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