Young Embroidery Artists in Suzhou

In the past 20 or 30 years, the large numbers of the female laborers in the rural areas have turned to embroidery to make a living. Many young female embroiderers have apprenticed themselves to famous embroidery masters in Suzhou Embroidery Research Institute in order to improve their skills and sell their embroidery works. Some of them have already become well-known and they now represent the embroiderers at international and domestic fairs. Many have won prizes for their embroidery works.

For example, the sisters Yao Huifen and Yao Huiqin from Dongzhu in Szhou have set up their own embroidery shop. They have apprenticed themselves to Mou Zhihong, the third-generation disciple of embroidery expert Shen Shou and Chinese arts and crafts master Ren Huixian. Yao Huiqin also took painting lesson at the Central College of Arts and Crafts.
The Yao sisters’ embroideries have won top prizes at the China Needle Workers’ Grand Prix and several Top-Notch China Arts and Crafts Works Exhibitions. Dozens of their works have become national gifts given to foreign guest. There are now 8,000 women embroiderers in Zhenhu, which has been named a National Cultural Industry Demonstration Base by the Ministry of Culture.


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