Chinese Suzhou Embroidery Artist - Zhu Shouzhen

Zhu Souzhen, national senior arts and crafts master and member of the Chinese Association of Arts and Crafts, was born on the shore of Lake Taihu. Exercising Suzhou embroidery from her childhood and succeeding to the craftsmanship of forefathers, she has been cultivated day in day out to become famed far and near for her skillful embroidery art. After being enrolled in Chinese Academy of Fine Arts to study and research aesthetics for applying it to the Suzhou embroidery art, she integrated the strong points of all the schools to improve her embroidery accomplishments to form a style and school of her own and won the reputation from at home and abroad. Her embroidery works, being of diversified combination of various stitching processes of crisscross, neat and other minute needling methods to depict vivid and genuine images, have been frequently becoming exquisite masterpieces and won domestic and overseas prizes many times.

queen elizabeth embroidery

Silk embroidery portrait of Queen Elizabeth by Zhu Shouzhen

zhu shouzhen embroidering

Embroidery artist Zhu Shouzhen embroidering the portrait of Queen Elizabeth

Pabol Picasso embroidery portrait

Pabol Picasso embroidery portrait, hand embroidered by Zhu Shouzhen

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