Chinese Suzhou Embroidery Artist - Yao Huifen

Yao Huifen was born in a family with a long history of embroidering in Suzhou in 1967 and started to study embroidery when she was young. Later she studied Suzhou embroidery theories and arts with Mou Zhihong, the third generation heir of Shen Shou, a great master of Suzhou embroidery widely acknowledged as the founder of modern embroidery art. She also learned from Ren Huixian, the national arts and crafts master in Suzhou Embroidery Research Institute. After ten years’ efforts, she has completely acquired various stitches and embroidery arts of Suzhou embroidery and thoroughly recognized the true essence of Suzhou embroidery arts. She can not only craftily apply dozens of Suzhou embroidery stitches but also integrate arts of random stitch embroidery of Suzhou embroidery perfectly to traditional Chinese ink paintings. From 1991 up to now, dozens of arts and crafts awards from municipal level to national level have been conferred to Yao Huifen for the fine embroidery works she has created. She also enjoys the honors of ‘Chinese Artful Women’, ‘CCTV Most Brilliant Female’, ‘Young and Middle-aged Experts of Suzhou Province with Prominent Contribution’, ‘Arts and Crafts Celebrity of Suzhou Province’, ‘Suzhou Folk Crafts Artist’, ‘Suzhou Arts and Crafts Master’. She also visited abroad several times in her capacity as Suzhou Ambassador to promote Suzhou embroidery culture and art.

embroidery portrait of george bush

Embroidery portrait of George Bush, silk embroidery, hand embroidered by Yao Huifen

portrait of Beethoven

Embroidery portrait of Beethoven, silk embroidery, hand embroidered by Yao Huifen

sea of clouds

Sea of clouds on Mt Huangshan, silk embroidery painting, hand embroidered by Yao Huifen

water village

Village by water, silk embroidery painting, hand embroidered by Yao Huifen

lilac silk embroidery

Lilac, silk embroidery painting, all hand embroidered with silk threads on silk satin by embroidery artist Yao Huifen

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