Chinese Suzhou Embroidery Artist - Pu Huiju

Pu Huiju was born in Zhenhu Suzhou, the hometown of silk embroidery, in 1966. Pu Huiju is especially good at false-and-true crisscross embroidery. She created a new silk embroidery style that resembles traditional Chinese ink painting. By making this kind of silk embroidery, she selects dozens of different black silk threads whose differences are so tiny that most people consider them all black. But Pu Huiju has a sharp eye to these black silk threads and can tell the difference easily. She lists them from light to dark and uses them adeptly. So the final embroidery work looks very close to an ink painting. To achieve this effect, an embroidery artist must be very sensitive to different colors even though the differences are hardly noticeable besides having very high embroidery skills.

In 1991, Pu Huiju’s ink painting embroidery The Immortal won the first prize in the Japanese International Exhibition of Fine Arts and Calligraphy.

the immortal silk embroidery

The immortal, ink painting silk embroidery, hand embroidered by Pu Huiju, won the first prize in the Japanese International Exhibition of Fine Arts and Calligraphy in 1991

Pu Huiju has held many exhibitions of her embroidery works in US, Japan, Singapore and some other countries. In June 2012, to celebrate the 40th anniversary of the normalization of diplomatic relations between China and Japan, Pu Huiju was invited to hold an exhibition of her embroidery works made in her past 30 years in Tokyo.

embroidering perfance

Pu Huiju gave an on-site embroidering performance in the exhibition which attracted more than ten thousand visitors

night banquet silk embroidery

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