Chinese Suzhou Embroidery Artist - Pu Fengjuan

Pu Fengjuan was born in 1968 in Suzhou. She is especially good at portrait embroidery which is the most difficult embroidery work that requires very high embroidery skills.

Pu Fengjuan learned silk embroidery at the age of 8 from her mother, a skilled  embroidery lady who embroidered many silk embroideries for the Suzhou Embroidery Research Institute at that time. 

After she graduated from senior high school, Pu Fengjuan was admitted into a fine art school in Suzhou to learn painting. Many of the Suzhou embroideries are reproduced from western oil paintings. After learning painting in the fine school, Pu Fengjuan has a better understanding about coloring and shadow of the oil painting than the average embroidery ladies. So her embroidery reproductions of oil paintings look more detailed and vivid.

Pu Fengjuan mainly worked on portrait embroidery. It usually takes about half a year to complete a high quality portrait embroidery painting.  While embroidering the portrait widely considered the most challenging work, embroidering the eyes of the portrait is the utmost difficult one. Any tiny mistake would affect the liveliness and vividness of the whole embroidery work

Pu Fengjuan has made high quality portrait embroidery paintings for the celebrities of China and world as well. Her numerous embroidery works have been ordered and collected by silk embroidery art lovers in China and abroad.
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