Chinese Suzhou Embroidery Artist - Lu Meihong

Lu Meihong, born in Suzhou in 1970, is senior crafts artist of Suzhou city. She is also a member of Suzhou Embroidery Association and founder of Meihong Embroidery Gallery. Influenced by the local culture in her hometown Zhenhu where almost every woman is good at silk embroidery, she learned to embroider from her mother Lu Juying when she was very young. After she graduated from Suzhou Arts and Crafts School, she was apprenticed to Ren Huixian and Gu Wenxia, two Suzhou embroidery masters in Suzhou Silk Embroidery Research Institute. She was a very diligent student and made tremendous progress in her embroidery skills with the help from her two embroidery teachers. Now Lu Meihong’s embroideries have won many prizes in various exhibitions.

silk embroidery

Court Ladies Preparing Newly Woven Silk, hand embroidered with all silk threads on silk

bronze rhino

Bronze rhino, all hand embroidered with silk threads on silk, by embroidery artist Lu Meihong

drunken beauty

Drunken beauty, hand embroidered by Lu Meihong

blonde silk embroidery

Blonde, silk embroidery, hand embroidered by Lu Meihong

duckling silk embroidery

Duckling, silk embroidery, hand embroidered by Lu Meihong

Suzhou watertown embroidery

Watertown scenery, hand embroidered silk

suzhou watertown silk

Suzhou watertown scenery, silk embroidery painting, hand embroidered by Lu Meihong

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