Chinese Suzhou Embroidery Artist - Lu Juying

Lu Juying was born in Zhenhu Town by Tai Lake in 1950, which is located in the west of Suzhou. The small town was deeply influenced by Suzhou culture, and Suzhou embroidery was a kind of skill for the local to make a living. Lu Juying grew up in this beautiful town. She has always loved embroidery since she was a little girl. She learned Suzhou Embroidery from her elders.

Lu Juying was ingenious and she could embroider the good products at a very early age, which won the fame for her in Suzhou. Masters of Suzhou Embroidery Gu Wenxia and Wang Zhushi from Suzhou Silk Embroidery Research Institute liked her very much. They taught Suzhou Embroidery skills to her personally.

As famous folk master of Suzhou Embroidery of China, innumerable embroidery works made by Lu Juying won prizes at various exhibitions. Some of her embroideries are displayed in the Great Hall of the People. Many are ordered by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and are presented to the international friends as the state gift.

silk embroidery portrait bill gates

Portrait of Bill Gates, silk embroidery, all hand embroidered, by embroidery artist Lu Juying

chinese landscape embroidery

Silk embroidery of Chinese landscape painting, hand embroidered by Lu Juying to celebrate the 15th Anniversary of Macau's Return to China

panda embroidery

Three giant pandas, silk embroidery, hand embroidered by Lu Juying

red rose silk embroidery

Red roses, hand embroidered silk by Lu Juying

blue rose embroidery

Blue rose silk embroidery, hand embroidered by embroidery artist Lu Juying

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