Chinese Suzhou Embroidery Artist - Liang Xuefang

Liang Xuefang, was born in 1965 in Suzhou, a city well-known for silk and silk embroidery art in China. She is a well-known artist of Suzhou hand embroidery, national senior arts and crafts master, deputy director of Fiber Arts Institute of Tsinghua University, standing director of Suzhou Industrial Art Association, deputy director of Zhenhu Embroidery Association.

Liang Xuefang was awarded dozens of gold and silver medals from various national and international Fine Arts and Crafts Expos for her excellent artworks in the past years.

In 2006, she participated in the production of the grand embroidery painting Vast Territory of China which was to decorate Mao Zedong’s Memorial.

From 2006 to 2008, she made the grand embroidery painting Five Dragons which was ordered by Buddha Tooth Relic Temple in Singapore. The embroidery is 700 cm by 800 cm, the largest religious silk embroidery in the world. It took Liang Xuefang and her team of 20 embroidery ladies nearly 2 years to complete the embroidery. The embroidery work used up to 30 embroidery techniques and the silk threads used in the embroidery work weighed more than 9 kg.
In 2009, her embroidery work Spring Blossom which she embroidered with embroidery master Gu Wenxia in Suzhou Silk Embroidery Research Institute entered Chinese National Museum. The embroidery is 240 cm by 180 cm. Various embroidery techniques were applied to imitate the special effect of traditional Chinese painting by brush and ink. The embroidery now is kept by the national museum.
Liang Xuefang at work
Suzhou embroidery artist Liang Xuefang at wrok
silk embroidery Spring Blossom
Silk embroidery Spring Blossom, made by embroidery artist Liang Xuefang and her team, now kept by Chinese National Museum
embroidery  artist liang xuefang and her team
Embroidery artist Liang Xuefang and her team making the silk embroidery Spring Blossom
five dragon silk embroidery
Silk embroidery Five Dragons, ordered by Buddha Tooth Relic Temple in Singapore, the largest religious handmade silk embroidery in the world
largest dragon silk embroidery
Five Dragons, silk embroidery, all hand embroidered, 700 cm by 800 cm, produced by embroidery artist Liang Xue Fang and her embroidery team in two years
vast territory
Grand silk embroidery Vast Territory of China, kept by Mao Zedong Memorial, produced by Liang Xuefang and her team in 2006
Liang Xuefang and her embroidery team making the grand silk embroidery Vast Territory of China
Portrait of Diana, embroidered by Liang Xuefang in 1998, false-and-true crisscross silk embroidery
Lotus flower silk embroidery hand embroidered by Liang Xue fang
Lotus flowers, all hand embroidered with silk threads on silk satin
Silk embroidery panels, lotus flowers, hand embroidered by Liang Xuefang
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