Chinese Suzhou Embroidery Artist - Chen Caiping

Chen Caiping, senior craft artist in Suzhou, was born in Zhenhu in 1970, a town about one hour’s drive from Suzhou city. She is a committee member of the Chinese Arts and Crafts Association and Jiangsu Arts and Crafts Association. Guided by the embroidery masters in Suzhou Embroidery Research Institute like Gu Wenxia and Jiang Xueying, she made tremendous progress in her embroidery skills and eventually developed her distinctive embroidery style after years of hard work and practice. She is especially good at embroidering portraits. Her embroidery work Portrait of Diana stood out from hundreds of embroidery works and won the gold medal in the 1st Silver Needle Cup Masterpiece Embroideries Competition held in Zhenhu. About 8,000 embroidery ladies took part in that competition. Later she established Chen Caiping Suzhou Embroidery Gallery. She has hand embroidered portraits for the presidents and prime ministers of the United States, Japan, Thailand, Singapore, Indonesia and many other countries.

embroidery artist chen caiping

Embroidery artist Chen Caiping at work, hand embroidering the embroidery painting, Portrait of Diana

Diana portrait embroidery

Portrait of Diana, hand embroidered by Chen Caiping, won the gold medal in the 1st Silver Needle Cup Masterpiece Embroideries Competition

embroidery grapes

Chen Caiping's embroidery work, Grapes, all hand embroidered with fine silk threads, 120 colors of silk threads used

red peonies silk embroidery

Red Peonies, silk embroidery, hand embroidered by Chen Caiping

watertown ladscape silk embroidery

Watertown, a typical scenery in Suzhou city, all hand embroidered with silk threads by embroidery artist Chen Caiping

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