Shu embroidery - embroidery produced in Sichuan China

Sichuan embroidery is the general term for the embroideries produced in Sichuan province, with Chengdu as its center. Sichuan embroidery is also called Shu embroidery as Sichuan is called Shu for short in the ancient China. Sichuan boasted an abundance of high-quality silk. The famous Southern Silk Road started from Chengdu. Sichuan embroidery, or Shu embroidery, is known around the world, thanks in part to the affluence and good cultural atmosphere of the region. Sichuan embroidery, Shu embroidery, developed from the Sichuan brocades made in the Han Dynasty. In ancient times, Sichuan embroidery and brocade were regarded as treasures.

sichuan embroidery or Shu embroidery

Panda embroideries are the representative embroidery works in Sichuan.

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